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What If- Vol 1 34
The Fantastic Four were Bananas

Odin were Peter Parker's Uncle

Don Blake and Tony Stark were brothers Aunt May were Ant Man Spider-Man married Spider-Woman Reed Richards took postman Willie Lumpkin up on his offer to join the Fantastic Four

Captain America chose to remain Nomad Rick Jones left Captain Marvel in the Negative Zone Nick Fury had to wear an eyepatch on his right eye Ghost Rider had possessed Grandpa

Ghost Rider had possessed a Skater Ghost Rider had possessed a baby Everyone who'd ever been an Avenger remained an Avenger

Him had married Her

Black Bolt got the hiccups

Galactus ate the Earth Kazar were a middle-aged accountant The Hulk were yellow

The Invisible Girl dyed her hair

Power Man were white

The Thing were blue

Captain Marvel hadn't died Phoenix still lived Elektra had survived

Dazzler had become a stand-up comedian Marvel Comics and the National Endowment for the Arts presented Spidey Intellectual Stories Willie Lumpkin were Herald to Galactus Ghost Rider owned a fast food franchise

All the super heroes moved to Toledo, Ohio

The Watchers in all the realities got together and watched Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers

Howard the Duck formed his own Super-Team Thor had a Swedish accent

Cyclops's energy beams came out of his ears Wonder Man were a woman and Power Man were a girl Black Bolt were a rock star

Daredevil was deaf instead of blind

The Marvel production crew existed in this reality, and the Marvel Editorial Crew did too Tony Stark had owned an Auto Plant instead of a Weapons Factory Sue Storm had become The Thing Moon Knight got all his identities mixed up

The Watcher grew hair

Alpha Flight talked like T.V. Canadians Silver Surfer, White Tiger, Night Rider, Iceman, and Moon Knight fought Wendigo in a Snowstorm

The Black Panther fought the Shroud in a coalmine

Moon Knight had 3 different identities

King Conan were Bing Conan on the road to Hyboria Black Bolt hosted a television talk show Bruce Banner's pants didn't stretch

You went to the movies and had to sit behind the Leader

Comic Book series: What If? (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 34

First published:

August, 1982

Executive Editor:

{{{executive editor}}}

Cover Artist:

Bob Layton


Fred Hembeck




Fred Hembeck



Previous issue:

What If? (Volume 1) 33

Next issue:

What If? (Volume 1) 35

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