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Warriors of the Great Web
Founder(s): Spider-UK
Leader(s): Spider-UK

Current members:

Spider-Girl, , Spider-UK, Spider-Ham, The Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy), Spider-Man (Paviitr Prabhakar)

Former members:



Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-001



First appearance:

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Creators: Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli

The Warriors of the Great Web is a team formed by Spider-UK and Spider-Girl to help any reality that is in need of help.


After the events of Spider-Verse, Spider-UK could not go back to his home reality because it was destroyed in an incursion.

He decided to stay in Loomworld, the Inheritors' former base, and use the Web of Life and Destiny to help any reality in need of help. Spider-Girl also stayed with Spider-UK and together they formed a duo to be named the Warriors of the Great Web by Karn.


Current MembersEdit

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