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Real name: Venom (Symbiote)
Aliases: Venom
Alignment: Bad
Age: {{{age}}}
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Relatives/friends: None known
Characteristics: Monstrous


Portrayed by: N/A
Appearances: Spider-Man 3

The Venom Symbiote (of Earth-96283) was an alien symbiote that landed on Earth-96283 and bonded with Peter Parker, then Edward Brock, Jr.


Peter Parker eventually realized that the symbiote was changing him and he abandoned it at the top of a bell tower, where it landed on Eddie Brock, possessing him. Brock became Venom, and made a deal with Flint Marko to destroy Spider-Man. They lured Parker by kidnapping Mary Jane Watson, and holding her several stories above the ground.


Peter getting rid of the symbiote


After a one on one fight with Parker, the symbiote and Brock were seperated. A Goblin style bomb was thrown into the symbiote, as Brock tried once again to be reunited with it. Both were destroyed in the following explosion.  

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