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2099 A.D.Edit

2061 A.D. Edit

  • Wilson Fisk

House of MEdit

Marvel Age Power Pack Edit

Earth X Spider-Man's Ideal World Edit

Marvel Adventures Edit

Spider-Man's dream of being in an endless prison Edit

His enemies hit Spider-Man with snowballs Edit

The Alien Costume Possessed Spider-Man Edit

Spider-Island's Reality Edit

Renew Your Vows Edit

Series and StorylinesEdit



Television Edit

1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons Edit

Spider-Man: Unlimited Edit

The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series Edit

2010s Marvel Animated Universe Edit


2000s film seriesEdit

Sony's Marvel UniverseEdit

  • Venom

Video Games Edit

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Edit

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Edit

Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC) Edit

Marvel Heroes Edit

Ultimate Spider-Man video game Edit

Marvel Avengers Academy Edit

Marvel Future Fight Edit

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