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Ultron (Earth-616)
Full Name: Ultron
First Appearance: Avengers #54
Created by: Roy Thomas, John Buscema
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Created in Cresskill, New Jersey
Citizenship: None
Base: Mobile
Affiliations: None; formerly Sons of Yinsen, Lethal Legion, Masters of Evil
Powers/Abilities: Expert in Robotics
Height: 6' 0" Variable)
Weight: 535 lbs (243 kg) (Variable)
Hair Color: No Hair
Eye Color: Red
Unique Features: Silvery skin made out of Adamantium, robotic features

"The Avengers -- Hah! Once, they might have posed a threat to Ultron-5! -- But not to a being of living adamantium! "
— Ultron

Ultron (of Earth-616) is a sentient android created by Dr. Hank Pym as part of an experiment in high-intelligence robotics.



After being created, Ultron believes that Humans are inferior to machines and wants to kill all humans and repopulate the planet with robots. Ultron built the android known as the Vision to to help him achieve his goal, but it later rebelled against him and joined the ranks of his longtime foes, the Avengers.

Secret WarsEdit

Main article: Secret Wars

A giant version of Ultron, known as model 11 was rebuild by the Beyonder to fight along side the villains in Marvel's Secret War event. Only after Doctor Doom reprogrammed Ultron, did he agreed to fight against the heroes.

Age of UltronEdit

Main article: Age of Ultron (Event)

In the Age of Ultron event, Ultron begins a worldwide takeover of Earth, resulting in the deaths of many Marvel heroes after the release of Ultron in Avengers #12.1.

Wolverine of the once Earth-616, now Earth-61112, went back in time to kill Henry Pym to prevent the creation of Ultron in the first place. However, he was killed by another Wolverine from another alternate future where Earth was always threatened by Morgan le Fay, and all heroes struggled to survive. Hank was allowed to survive, but he was tasked with creating a hidden failsafe program to destroy Ultron in case of any oncoming danger.


Years later, when Ultron returned, he was originally found by the Intelligencia. Hank Pym activated the failsafe program he installed a while back, and destroyed Ultron once and for all.

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