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Universe: Earth-1610

Created by:

Jeph Loeb, David Finch, Steve Firchow, Richard Starkings

Main Heroes:

Ultimates; Fantastic Four; X-Men; Spider-Man

Main Villains:

Magneto, Doctor Doom

"For what they have done, they must pay the ultimate price!"
— Magneto

Ultimatum is an event published by Marvel Comics under its Ultimate Marvel imprint from November 2008 to July 2009. 

Publication HistoryEdit

  • TBA


The plot follows Magneto's attempts to destroy the world following the apparent deaths of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Ultimates #3.


  • Angel - Killed and partially eaten by Sabretooth.
  • Beast - Drowned in the Ultimatum Wave.
  • Blob - Head bitten off by Hank Pym.
  • Cannonball - Blown up by Madrox.
  • Captain Britain - Blown up by Madrox.
  • Cyclops - Shot in the head by Quicksilver.
  • Daredevil - Found dead by Spider-Man. Presumably drowned in the Ultimatum Wave.
  • Dazzler - Drowned in the Ultimatum Wave.
  • Detonator - Tortured and killed in the Savage Land.
  • Doctor Doom - Head crushed by the Thing.
  • Doctor Strange - Killed by Dormammu after his body is constricted, causing his engorged head to explode. His body is taken by a mysterious person.
  • Emma Frost - Blown up by Madrox.
  • Forge - Tortured and killed in the Savage Land.
  • Franklin Storm - Killed by the Ultimatum Wave.
  • Hard-Drive - Tortured and killed in the Savage Land.
  • Hank Pym - Blown up by Madrox.
  • Juggernaut - Hit in the eye by a poisonous dart shot by a Sentinel soldier.
  • Longshot - Tortured and killed in the Savage Land.
  • Lorelei - Killed by Wolverine.
  • Madrox - Killed by Wolverine.
  • Magneto - Head blown off by Cyclops.
  • Nightcrawler - Drowned in the Ultimatum Wave.
  • Polaris - Blown up by Madrox.
  • Professor X - Neck broken by Magneto.
  • Psylocke - Listed by Marvel as dead, though her death was never shown.
  • Sunspot - Blown up by Madrox
  • Syndicate - Dead after one of his heads is blown off by William Stryker.
  • Thor - Surrendered his soul to Valhalla to revive Valkyrie and Captain America
  • Toad - Listed by Marvel as dead, though his death was never shown.
  • Wasp - Partially eaten by the Blob.
  • Wolverine - Completely shredded by Magneto. Rumours that he may return were soon quieted.

MIA/Presumed DeadEdit

  • Firestar - MIA, revealed to be alive in Ultimate X #4.
  • Havok - MIA, revealed to be alive in Ultimate X #5.
  • Nightmare - Presumably dead after the Hulk destroys Doctor Strange's Orb of Acmantata.
  • Spider-Man - MIA, revealed to be alive in Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #2.


  • Ultimatum was met with an almost universally negative reaction from reviewers and fans alike. IGN listed Ultimatum as one of the worst comic book events ever created.