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Ultimate Marvel TeamUP TPB1 cover
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1
Type: Former
Total Issues: 16

Dates published:



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Ultimate Marvel Team-Up is a comic book series, published by Marvel Comics which ran for 16 issues, including a concluding Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special.

The whole series starred Spider-Man teaming up with another superhero each issue. The series was written by Brian Michael Bendis, with each arc drawn by a different artist.


Issue 1

  • Starring: Spider-Man & Wolverine vs. Sabretooth
  • Penciled and Inked by: Matt Wagner
    • Trivia: Sabretooth's First Appearance in Ultimate Marvel

Issues #2-3

  • Starring: Spider-Man & Hulk
  • Penciled by: Phil Hester and inked by Ande Parks
    • Trivia: Hulk's First Appearance in Ultimate Marvel

Issues #4-5

  • Starring: Spider-Man & Iron Man vs. Latverian mercenaries
  • Penciled and Inked by: Mike Allred
    • Trivia: Iron Man's First Appearance in Ultimate Marvel

Issues #6-8

  • Starring: Spider-Man, the Punisher and Daredevil (issues #7 & #8 only)
  • Penciled and Inked by: Bill Sienkiewicz
    • Trivia: Daredevil & Punisher's First Appearance in Ultimate Marvel

Issue #9

  • Starring: Spider-Man & Fantastic Four vs. the Skrulls
  • Penciled and Inked by: Jim Mahfood
    • Trivia: The events in this issue are not in Ultimate Marvel canon.

Issue #10

  • Starring: Spider-Man & Man-Thing vs Lizard
  • Penciled and Inked by: John Totleben, with "art assistance" by Ron Randall
    • Trivia: The Lizard and Man-Thing's first appearance in Ultimate Marvel

Issue #11

  • Starring: Spider-Man & the X-Men
  • Penciled and Inked by: Chynna Clugston-Major

Issues #12-13

  • Starring: Spider-Man and Doctor Strange vs. Xandu
  • Penciled and Inked by: Ted McKeever

Issue #14

  • Starring: Spider-Man & the Black Widow
  • Penciled by: Terry Moore and inked by Walden Wong
    • Trivia: Black Widow's First Appearance in Ultimate Marvel

Issues #15-16

  • Starring: Spider-Man & Shang-Chi
  • Penciled by: Rick Mays and inked by Jason Martin
    • Trivia: Shang-Chi's First Appearance in Ultimate Marvel

Ultimate Spider-Man Special

  • Starring Spider-Man, and many of the other headlined characters above, as well as a small appearance by Blade and Elektra.
  • Art by Alex Maleev, Dan Brereton, John Romita Sr., Al Milgrom, Frank Cho, Jim Mahfood, Scott Morse, Craig Thompson, Michael Avon Oeming, Jason Pearson, Sean Phillips, Mark Bagley, Rodney Ramos, Bill Sienkiewicz, P. Craig Russell, Jacen Burrows, Walden Wong, Leonard Kirk, Terry Pallort, Dave Gibbons, Mike Gaydos, James Kochalka, David Mack, Brett Weldele, Ashley Wood, and Art Thibert
    • Trivia: Blade and Elektra's First Appearance in Ultimate Marvel

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