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Mysterio Shattered Dimensions
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The Tablet of Order & Chaos is an ancient tablet that produces pure energy. It's energy also amplifies metahuman abilities to their fullest potential. The Tablet was introduced in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.


Mysterio attempted to steal it in order to sell it on the black market. Spider-Man arrived and during a clash with his long-time foe, it accidentally split into 9 fragments; most of the fragments were sent to other dimensions, including the Amazing, Ultimate, Noir and 2099 dimensions. Madame Web helps Spider-Man get the rest of the fragments before Mysterio does, and also enlists the help of Noir Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, and Ultimate Spider-Man. When Mysterio acquired all the fragments, he became all-powerful and tried to destroy the multiverse and remake it in his own image. All four Spider-Men defeated Mysterio and separated him from the tablet.

Powers and Abilities:Edit

As the game progresses, villains from the four dimensions of Spider-Men obtain fragments and be granted special powers.

Amazing universe:Edit

  • Kraven the Hunter- When Kraven obtains a fragment (through the internet), he gains super-speed; however, he only uses it after losing honorably to Spider-Man in their first fight as he believed he had lost his honor.
  • Sandman- When Sandman obtains a fragment, his powers to control sand is enhanced, but his psyche begins to fragment after spreading his conciousness too thin to control the sand. This leads to multiple conciousnesses.
  • Juggernaut- When Juggernaut obtains a fragment, he gets ridiculously enhanced strength on top of his normal strength. However, the Crimson Gem is at ends with the fragment's power, leaving his defense weak in exchange.
  • Mysterio - When Mysterio obtains a fragment, he gains the ability to make his illusions real, and to float in the air on purple smoke. When merged with the full tablet, he gains a red cloak, and his skull can be seen through his helmet, and has the ability to shatter the fabric of space.

Noir universe:Edit

  • Hammerhead- When Hammerhead activates his fragment, his guns are fused to his arms and are transformed into a 21st century rocket launcher and machine gun.
  • Vulture- When Vulture activates his fragment, he gets the ability to teleport in a puff of feathers and becomes uglier than he already is.
  • Goblin- When Goblin activates his fragment, he gains a monstrous appearance with super-strength and durability, but has a large glowing hump on his back that is VERY vulnerable.

2099 universe:Edit

  • Hobgoblin- When Hobgoblin finds a fragment, he gains the power to create red duplicates of himself while his psy power is active and creating a defined space in which he makes illusions.
  • Scorpion- When Scorpion finds a fragment, he has the power to create miniature minions that resemble him that hatch form eggs spewed form his tail acid. (He origianlly was supposed to take it to Doctor Octopus in exchange for being returned to human form but the idiot lied)
  • Doctor Octopus- When Doctor Octopus 2099 finds a fragment, her eyes turn from brown to orange and she gets the power to control any kind of technology with her mind.

Ultimate universe:Edit

  • Electro - When Electro finds a fragment, his ability to absorb electricity greatly increases, allowing him to become a giant being made of energy and create muti-colored feral electrical minions. He also can take control of trucks and drive them by pure thought.
  • Deadpool - When Deadpool retrieves a fragment, he gains the ability to create clones of himself.
  • Carnage - When Carnage is accidentally given a fragment by S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists as part of an experiment, he is revitalized and unknowingly gains the ability to turn those he drains the life force from people, turning them into zombified minions, which eventually mutate into feral beasts similar to him.

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