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Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 -27.NOW
Goblin Nation: Part One
Comic Book series: Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1
Issue Number: 27.NOW

First published:

February 12, 2014

Executive Editor:

Axel Alonso

Cover Artist:

Giuseppe Camuncoli


Dan Slott


Giuseppe Camuncoli


John Dell


Stephen Wacker

Previous issue:

Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 #26

Next issue:

Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 #28

Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 #27.NOW is the 27th issue of Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 and is part of the All-New Marvel NOW! and Goblin Nation events.

Solicit SynopsisEdit

“Goblin Nation” #1 (of 5)

  • The so-called Superior Spider-Man has failed. Under his watch, the Green Goblin took control of New York’s underworld. This is all Otto Octavius’ fault. Now it’s his responsibility to take the Goblin down.
  • Win or lose, this shall be Otto’s greatest battle. Whatever you do, don’t miss the first chapter of the biggest event in the entire Superior Spider-Man Saga!
  • The End starts here. Superior Spider-Man versus… THE GOBLIN NATION!


The RealizationEdit

Otto Octavius, the current Spider-Man who stole Peter Parker's body, is overlooking NYC and seeing the destruction the Goblin King has caused. He is angry and confused because he doesn't understand what he did wrong and to make it worse, his spider-bots aren't telling him which areas of the city are in distress. Otto finally figures out that the Goblin King has been Norman Osborn all along.

At the same time, Peter continues to wander around in his own memories. He follows Otto into Peter's memory of the night Gwen Stacy died, wondering why Otto is even there. He then hides himself away in Otto's memories in order to escape discovery, knowing full well he isn't strong enough to fight Otto at the moment. Peter is sucked into Otto's memories and is forced to witness every single one of his memories from Otto's birth to his death.

Solution RequiredEdit

Otto heads back home to find out what disrupted his spider-bots. Right then, Otto's girlfriend Anna Maria comes in with food for him. He has a gift for her but it has to wait when he realizes that the spider-bots couldn't tell who their targets were.  

3578589-superior spider-man preview 3 (1)

Otto realizes Norman Osborn is the Goblin King

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