Stark Tower
Stark Tower
Aliases: Avengers Tower
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol




United States of America
State: New York


New York City
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Stark Tower, more commonly known as the Avengers Tower, is the base of Iron Man, and most superheroes, including the Avengers.


After four years in construction, the Stark Tower was completed. The tower is made up Vibranium reinforced concrete, with near indestructible windows. It is a 93 story building in Midtown Manhattan.

World War HulkEdit

During a fight with Iron Man and the Hulk during the events of World War Hulk, the Stark Tower was destroyed. The tower was soon rebuilt, but destroyed again when Red Hulk was battling Angrir.

Time later, the tower was rebuilt with a new design (right) and opened as more of an Avengers's base.

Different Realities (bottom slideshow)Edit


In the Ultimate reality, Tony Stark, Jane Foster and Thor also live in the Stark Tower.


In Earth-8096, the entire building is powered by a giant Arc Reactor and is also the locations of Stark Industries.


  • The Stark Tower as seen in Earth-8096.
  • The Stark Tower as seen in Earth-1610.
  • First design


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