Spidey Super Stories is the name of a comic book series published by Marvel Comics.

Series summary Edit

Every issue of Spidey Super Stories featured at least one story where Spidey would team up with an established Marvel Comics superhero and/or fight an established Marvel villain.

This served to introduce other Marvel characters to new readers who were unfamiliar with the company's characters prior to seeing Spider-Man on The Electric Company. Most of these stories would feature quick origins, usually taking up a single page or less, of both the featured hero and villain.

Guest heroes included Iron Man (on several occasions), Captain America, Doctor Strange, Spider-Woman, Nova, and Ms Marvel. Guest villains included the Green Goblin, the Blizzard, Jack O'Lantern, and even Thanos.

Notes Edit

  • The series was aimed at children 6 - 10, and was set outside the main Marvel universe. A total of 57 issues were produced.

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