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Spider-Man 3 Coverart
Spider-Man 3
Developed by: Treyarch (Xbox 360, PS3)
Viscarious Visions (Wii, PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS, GBA, Xbox, (Cancelled) GameCube (Cancelled)
Beenox (PC)
Released on: Activision

Available on:

Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Nintendo DS
Gameboy Advance
PlayStation Portable
Mobile Phones
Xbox (Cancelled)
GameCube (Cancelled)



ESRB Rating:

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Spider-Man 2



Spider-Man 3 is an action game that loosely follows the plot of the film, Spider-Man 3. It was released on May 4th 2007. It was made by Activision and was released for PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, and mobile phones. It was also released for GBA, and Nintendo DS. A PSP version was released on October 17th 2007. The PS2, PSP, GBA Nintendo DS & Wii versions were developed by Vicarious Visions while the Microsoft Windows version was developed by Beenox and the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were developed by Treyarch. The PS3 version was released on May 4th 2007, delayed in Europe on May 8th 2007, and also delayed in Australia on September 20th 2007. There was also going to be an Xbox version of the game in the mean time, but it was cancelled due to the Xbox's low sales. The game's plot expands on the film by including additional characters and elements from the Spider-Man comic books and the Marvel Universe. Depending on the platform, different villains from the comics are featured, but all versions of the game feature the film's main villains: New Goblin, Sandman, and Venom.


For Peter Parker, life has been going good (as he got the girl and that New York finally likes him)but he has some problems like this new guy Eddie Brock at the Bugle. Then Harry Osborn won't talk to him and new gangs have moved into the city. Then he realizes there hasn't been any super villains since Doc Ock and he has a bad feeling like the sky is gonna fall or something and then the Venom Symbiote lands on earth looking for a host.

Spider-Man goes to a building which the Mad Bomber's recruits are trying to blow up. Then after getting rid of the bombs, he finds out there's one more but he can't get to it so he finds a lady who's was taken hostage and left there but as the building is about to explode and runs fast, grabs the woman and swings away just as the top of the building explodes. Later after Spider-Man takes pictures of giant Lizards in the park for Bugle he finds the 3 gangs and after ruining some of their plans Spider-Man comes face to face with the Apocalypse leader, having to fight and beat him and then takes him into custody. Then he takes Mary Jane out to date in the park, where they talk about how Harry won't talk to Peter because he knows Peter is Spider-Man and he thinks Spider-Man killed his father , but Mary Jane says Harry has to know inside that his best friend would never do that and while they're talking, the Symbiote crawls onto Peter's shoe without him noticing. Meanwhile in the Osborn mansion Harry inhales on purpose some of the goblin gas and becomes the New Goblin. Then when Peter at the bugle goes to ask what his boss J. Jonah Jameson wants him to take pictures of and tells him that Spider-Man caused the building the Mad Bomber was trying to destroy to burn up so then the Mad Bomber threatens Jonah on the phone that hes going to blow up the Subways then destroy the city. Fortunately Peter hears his threats, changes into Spider-Man and heads to the subways. He's able to get rid of all the bombs, but he then sees a train by itself with no one driving it is going to crash so he uses his webs to slow it down and stops it. Then Spider-Man has to help Dewolfe track down and defeat the dirty cops. He manages to do defeat a large amount, when the dirty cops invite Dewolfe to a meeting, and Spidey investigates it. Then one of the dirty cops shoots Dewolfe and Spidey takes all but one out, and then that one takes Dewolfe into a car which he accidentally drives off the docks (the dirty cop manages too jump out before it goes over) and is about to crash into the ocean, but Spidey manages to get into the car, grab Dewolfe and swing out of the car before it crashes into the water. Then she tells Spider-Man they stopped the dirty cops and that she'll be all right. As she calls an ambulance, Spidey tells her if she needs him to cry wolf and he swings away. Then he sets out to find Mr. Chen who the Dragon Tail are after, then they try to kill him Spidey stops them but then one of there copters starts falling when Spidey removes the engine and he uses his webs to it just before it was about to hit a young woman. Then the Mad Bomber sends his recruits to nearly destroy the Daily Bugle but Spidey arrives and save the people at the bugle, but then Betty Brant tells him they kidnapped Mr. Jameson. Then Spidey races after the copter, meanwhile J. Jonah Jameson finds out that the Mad Bomber is Luke Carlye and that he wants revenge on Jonah for ruining his business because the paper was saying that he was ripping off and people stopped buying stuff from his company. Then the Mad Bomber puts a shock collar on Jameson tell him that when they drop him even if Spider-Man saves him they will be shocked to death if they get to far from the copter. Then Spidey sees them throwing Jonah of the copter, but Spidey catches him and Jameson tells him what will happen if they get to far from the copter so after a long chase the bomber tries to kill Spidey and Jameson, but Spidey beats him and fires his recruits and leaves. Then Spider-Man gets the collar of Jonah, but he says nothing is different between them but then he tries to say thank you but can't but Spidey knows and says You're welcome and swings away.

Later Peter goes to check on Doctor Connors and sees that he's become a giant Lizard. Then he tells Peter to get out of then he runs into sewers and he decides to go after him and changes into Spider-Man. After fighting a bunch of lizards he finds and knocks out Dr. Conners but he recovers quickly so they fight again but he manages to escape. Then he goes to check on Harry but can't find him at his house, but then Harry as the New Goblin comes and grabs Peter and after fighting in midair on Harry's glider, Peter jumps off and after fighting Harry, he lures him into an alleyway and uses his webs to knock him off his glider, but then Harry hits his head hard on a wall then a dumpster and falls to the ground. Then Peter feels remorse and gets Harry to a hospital.

Then Spidey goes to find Scorpion to help him and finds him at Mechobiocon and then Scorpion under control, runs to the bridge where the machines that are control him are then after Spidey forcefully uses the Scorpions tail to destroy the machines he fights and destroys the controlling device. Scorpion then wants to get revenge on the Doctor who to him, but Spider-Man says they have to wait since they know he would be coming.

Then (unseen) Peter and Aunt May find out that Flint Marko killed Peter's uncle. Later at his apartment, Spider-Man is having a nightmare about Flint killing his uncle while the Symbiote crawls onto him and then wakes up only to find the Symbiote covering his face and passes out. Later he wakes up hanging from a web on a building wearing a new Black Suit and says to himself that he feels Faster, Stronger, and good. Then he sees Marko robbing a bank and follows him into the subway, where they brutally fight and then Spider-Man uses a large pipe to turn Sandman into mud defeating him. Then Spider-Man finds out that the Arsenic Candy leader is having a wedding and he decides to crash it and knocks out all of the Arsenic Candy girls then fights and easily defeats the leader and takes her into custody. Then he goes to see Mr. Chen to find out why the Dragon Tail wants the artifacts and finds out that they can use a bell to reveal to great to great treasures. Then Spider-Man angrily yells to Mr. Chen Why DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS BEFORE! since he thinks that 2 mystical artifacts shouldn't be in the same location but Mr. Chen he didn't tell him because it is a secret. Then Spidey fiercely races to find hideout then when he finds out where it is, Chen tells him the police are coming to take the leader into custody but Spider-Man say They can have what's left after I'm done with him and jumps into the hideout. Then the leader with his recruits hits the bell, which reveals 2 statues to be made of Gold and Silver while the noise makes part of the black suit come off but it quickly reforms itself. Then Spider-Man decides to stop the Dragon Tail so knocks out all the recruits then brutally fights the leader, beats him, and takes him into custody, then Spidey tells Chen he has to keep the bells in a safe place from now on because he's done cleaning up his messes and swings away.

Then Peter decides to go find Doctor Conners in the sewers and finds Kraven and Calypso about to kill him but Spidey distracts Kraven making the Lizard escape but Calypso goes after him leaving Spidey to fight Kraven. After fighting, Kraven escapes into a new room and Spidey chases him and they fight again but he hears that Calypso was doing something to Doctor Conners so Kraven escapes leaving Spidey to find Doc Conners. Unfortunately when Spider-Man finds him, he sees that Doctor Conners has become a giant Lizard and that when he roars the sound weakens the Suit. So after beating and wearing him down Spidey smashes him through into an electrical room and Doctor Conners is electrocuted but is still alive and reverted back to a human. Then Spidey tells the Doc that his nightmare is over but realizes that the Black Suit is changing him and making him more aggressive.

Peter now almost completely influenced by the Black Suit starts to flirt a little bit with Betty at the Bugle, who tells him Jonah wants him to go to a court meeting for the 3 gang leaders he put in custody. After it's finished, he gets there he sees Wilson Fisk A.K.A the Kingpin making the gang's recruits set them free causing a riot, which makes Peter angry causing him to lose control of the Black Suit, which makes him beat up all of the recruits left in the building then while he's swinging away he realizes that it's Fisks fault that he lost control and let those gang leaders free and swears that it's payback time for Fisk. When he gets back to the bugle, he asks Robby where Fisk lives, and he tells Peter where but he warns him not to mess with Fisk. Then Spidey swings over and breaks into Kingpin's house and beats up all the recruits and fights Kingpin who throws him into another room where the 3 gang leaders fight him but Spidey knocks them all out and gets back to the Kingpin where they fight brutally, but Spidey (who is completely influenced by the Black Suit at this moment) then throws Kingpin out of the window. Spidey realizes what he did and wonders if he survived or not but he says that he's done either way.

Peter then realizes Brock is going to get the pictures of Spider-Man doing something bad by using someone wearing a Red Spider-Man Costume. But the real Spidey comes and (now completely influenced by the Black Suit) punches Brock in the jaw, and scares of the guy in the costume away. But Brock now has a better picture since he has hidden cameras in the block that took a picture of Spidey punching him and he thanks him, but Spider-Man takes away all the hidden cameras ruining Brocks picture. Then while he swings away Brock swears to get revenge. Later Peter goes on another date with MJ but ruins it because of his behavior, making MJ want him to take her home. After they get to her in front of her apartment building Spidey says MJ, I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me and MJ says Neither do I, but until you figure it out I don't want to see you. Peter then says Are you breaking up with me? Then MJ says I'm sorry Peter, I just can't be with you right now. Good Night. and she walks away Peter yells to her Wait, MJ!, but he realizes she's right and that he is now extremely aggressive because of the Black Suit, so he realizes he has to get rid of it, so he goes to a bell tower and when the bell rings, the sound hurts the suit so he uses it to get it off, but Brock (who was praying in the church at the time)hears him and looks from at the bottom of the tower to see that Peter is Spider-Man. Spidey then get the suit off but it falls onto Eddie turning him into Venom.

Peter wearing his Red Suit again goes to see Doc Conners and the Doctor says that he created a cure for the lizard mutation so Spidey goes into the sewer again and uses the bomb with the antidote and cures all the mutated Lizards. Meanwhile Eddie finds Sandman and wants him to help him kill Spider-Man. He refuses but Brock says it wasn't a choice, and then he made the Symbiote crawl over turning him into Venom and shows that he webbed and is holding Sandman's daughter Penny hostage and says he'll kill her if he doesn't help him so they discuss how they are going to kill Spider-Man.

Later Spider-Man meets up with Scorpion again and they both break into Mechobiocon and then the doctor he's after is holding the woman he loves hostage and makes her assistant Rhino try to kill them but Spidey and Scorpion are able fight and make a big chunk of the hit Rhino, defeating him. Then Scorpion threatens her to change him back but as the doctor releases her hostage she says she can't and that he's like that forever. As Scorpion yells in anger the doctor escapes and Spidey swings away.

Peter then goes back to his apartment where he sees on the news that Sandman and Venom have kidnapped MJ and Venom also wrote in a web Stop us if you can Spider-Man. So swings to the construction site as fast as he can and fights Venom and tries to convince him to get rid of the Symbiote but he won't. Then after fighting, Harry comes to help Peter and he fights a giant Sandman but sprays a lot of water on him so his bombs will hurt him more and finally he defeats him. Then as Venom says You know what Pete, I'm getting bored. I think it's time to put you out of my misery. Then he is about to kill Peter,when Harry knocks Pete away but Venom knocks him off his glider making him fall to the ground killing him. But then Spidey says You won't hurt anyone else Brock. I'm ending this, NOW!". 'Then he and Peter fight brutally until Spidey lunges at Venom causing them to fall off the building towards some sharp blades as they fall they try to make the other fall onto the blades but Spidey uses his web to pull himself away 'as Venom falls onto the blades killing and defeating him. Spider-Man then swings to MJ and they both hug showing them getting back together. But Sandman come and he and Spidey are about to fight until Penny comes running to her father. Then Sandman says that he's sorry and that he didn't want to fight Spidey and it was just because Venom said he would kill her if he didn't help. Spider-Man says at least she's safe and that's all that matters. Then as Spider-Man swings to a tall building he says "It should be a happy ending. I got the girl and brought a family back together, but it's not that easy. Being Spider-Man always comes with a price, and today that price was a steep one. As tough as it gets somedays, I have to fight on, and the best way to honor the people I love is to never stop being your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


The game retains many of the gameplay elements from the previous game. Among the holdovers from the previous game is the freely explorable Manhattan map, which is larger in area than the one in Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man. However, much like Ultimate Spider-Man, some locations cannot be visited such as the Liberty Statue and there are no helicopters outside missions to travel to far locations.

As Spidey in this game player can beside doing main missions he can do optional ones to. Exploring of city is more interesting now because Spider-Man can go to underground tunnels. Player can use spider-sense to help him in missions. Plus for the first time ever, players can unleash the power of the Black Suit as it makes Spider-Man Faster and Stronger than ever before. How ever the longer he has it on the more evil he gets and when the sides of the screen turn black you must turn back into the good ol' red and blue suit or you will become a super Spider-Man Symbiote villain. Another thing you can do is collect pieces of meteorite to boost your score and make the game even more fun. When you complete the story mode you can collect blue spiders collect them all and you can unlock a new nicer, more powerful version of the Black Suit and also you can replay any boss fight all over again The fighting stages are good as well and you can also upgrade when you complete a mission you are given points that you can spend on upgrades.When you beat a gang and help the city you are once again given points.

Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and, Playstation PortableEdit

On the PS2, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, and Wii versions, there is a cheat to unlock all the upgrades but it is hard to find and is a bit rubbish however there is also a cheat that allows you to get unlimited Black Suit power you could try. In this version, you can change into black suit for limited time until the Rage Meter is at the limit during a story progress. If Rage Meter is at its limit without changing back to original costume, Spider-Man will die permanently as the screen goes black and the game will restrart. Removing the black suit to revert back to original costume during a story mode progress must be carefully on not to do interaction movement in near-death black screen. Once the story mode is all complete, with the black suit can be unlocked through finding all meteorites across the city, there is side effect on changing black suit back to original costume without any interaction movement safely. The Original Xbox and GameCube versions were going to have that port, but they were never released due to low sales for Xbox and limited resources for GameCube along with Shrek the Third and The Simpsons Game.

The Vicarious Visions-developed Gamecube, Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox and PlayStation Portable versions had different graphics unlike the Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 and PC version, and especially Spider- Man 2. The players can change into the Black Suit by pressing the directional pad on the controllers including the Wii Remote. The only thing in these 5 versions, players can not go under the ground such as the subways or enter buildings.

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft WindowsEdit

There is a cheat code on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC you can play as Peter Parker without his Spider-Man costume here is how you play as him go to the Bugle talk to Robbie he will send you on a mission so go back to the Bugle and wait a few minutes when it says you failed the mission chose try something else and you will be on top of the Bugle as Peter Parker. Like many other PC games, the PC version can be modified, although few mods for this game have released, such as capable of playing as Peter Parker [in civilian clothes] and New Goblin. Scorpion, Rhino, and Kingpin are exclusive villains to this version.

There have been various changes to the movement and combat system, including the usage of motion sensitive controls on the Wii version. The Nintendo DS version's combat system is entirely operated using the DS's touch screen - the d-pad is only used for moving Spider-Man. Players are also now able to interact at certain points during some cutscenes.

The Treyarch-developed Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions differ from the versions developed by Vicarious Visions (That are PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, Wii and PSP) in that initially players cannot change into the black suit at will. Instead, players change into the Black Suit at a certain point in the storyline. Players are also able to swing freely and enter the Bugle for assignments like in the Spider-Man 2 game and can enter into Peter's apartment.

Peter Parker can be playable in his civilian clothes via glitches after failing a Dragon Tail-themed Photo Mission while remain inside the Bugle for few minutes, and exit the mission. After you complete this glitch you only have double swinging and running and spider-sense.

Microsoft WindowsEdit

These are the list of Playable characters that can be fully accessed on PC gameplay via hex editing the save file:

  • CH_BLACKSUIT (original as ch_blacksuit)
  • CH_PETER (original as ch_peter while in DB)
  • CH_SPIDERMAN (original as ch_spiderman)

However, there are certain side effects:

  • If you switch with other Playable Path of Spider-Man (ex. Spider-Man > Black Suit), then switch again back to default unmodded Playable Path, as well as some mission that suddenly turned into one of 2 default playable Spider-Men. Following the bug list (3 Spider-Men only, mostly completed):
      • Revert to SPIDERMAN while in original suit's Playable Path
        • Entering then Exit Daily Bugle
        • Photo Missions
        • Movie
          • 1 (Default into Peter while in his path, except in original Suit Path aftermath)
          • 4 (Finale, 3rd/last part only)
    • PETER:
      • Revert to Playable Default
        • Entering then Exit Daily Bugle
        • MJ Ride 4 (Black Suit)
        • All Arsenic Candy Missions (3 - 4: Black Suit)
        • Photo Missions
        • Lizard
          • 1
          • 2 (aftermath)
          • 3 (Black Suit)
        • Dragon Tails 3
        • Movie
          • 1 (aftermath)
          • 2 (Black Suit)
          • 3 (Photo Mission, Black Suit)
          • 4 (Finale, 3rd/last part only)
        • All Kingpin Missions
      • Has no gameplay dialogue voice like Original & Black Suit Spidey except in Movie 1
      • Revert to BLACKSUIT while in Black Suit's Playable Path and Exclusive Missions
        • Entering then Exit Daily Bugle
        • MJ Ride 4 (Black Suit)
        • Arsenic Candy 3 - 4
        • Photo Missions
        • Lizard
          • 3 (Black Suit)
        • Dragon Tail 3
        • Movie
          • 1 (Default into Peter while in his path, except in Black Suit Path aftermath)
          • 2 (Black Suit)
          • 3 (Photo Mission, Black Suit)
          • 4 (Finale, 3rd/last part only)
        • All Kingpin Missions
  • For New Goblin, like his Collector Edition/DLC counterpart, he has no mission stories and crime fighting sides. However in PC version, he has no Activities.


Spider-Man 3 received mixed reviews from critics. The game received mixed or average reviews on Metacritic. ScrewAttack called the game the 7th worst Superhero game ever. GameInformer was fairly positive about the game, giving it an 8 out of 10. They praised the number of moves, the voice acting, and the variety of missions, but criticizElizibethed the soundtrack. This is/was the third Spider-Man series game to be released for Gameboy Advanced as well as the last Marvel superhero game on the device. It was also the last video game based on Sam Rami's Spider-Man series trilogy on the PS2 console. This was also the first and only Spider-Man series game to feature Toby McGuire and the rest of the cast and crew that played in the movie to feature the voices on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Voice CastEdit


  • There are few references previous Spider-Man-related media, such as Enter the Electro and 90s Animated Series.