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The name Spider-Man 2099 may pertain to any of the following:




If Songbird was an Avenger

Divergent 2099 A.D.

  • Miguel O'Hara - Joined the Exiles team and reality hopped until he found an alternate version of Mary Jane and fell in love with her. Killed by Morlun in the Spider-Verse event.

Timestorm 2099

  • Miguel O'Hara - Teenage version of Miguel, who got powers from a Timestorm. He was combat trained by Human Torch 2099. Killed in the Spider-Verse event by Morlun.

Spider-Man and Captain Britain summoned by Merlyn

Larval Earth

Amalgam pocket universe

  • Mig-El Gand - An amalgamation of Miguel O'Hara and DC Comics' Mon-El.



Ultimate Spider-Man tv series

  • Miguel O'Hara - This version of Miguel was greeted by a version of Peter Parker chasing Norman Osborn. He wanted to give up being Spider-Man, but after some kind words from Peter, he decided to continue.

Video Games

Super Hero Squad cartoon and games

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Spider-Man was killed by Anti-Venom

  • Miguel O'Hara - In this reality, the possible future of 2099 was changed when Peter Parker died at the hands of Eddie Brock as Anti-Venom. Miguel went back in time to save Peter and fix any mistakes done to reality.

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