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Spider-Man is an action game based upon the Marvel Comics character, Spider-Man, It was developed by Neversoft, using the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater engine. Released originally for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 in 2000, the game was also ported to PC, and Dreamcast.


While attending a scientific demonstration hosted by the supposedly reformed Doctor Octopus, Peter Parker witnesses the appearance of a Spider-Man impostor, who steals Octavius' experiment. Eddie Brock mistakes this for the real Spider-Man and tries to take pictures, but his camera is shattered by the Spider-Man impostor. Due to his failure, Brock grows angry and is worried that Jameson will fire him from his new job at the Daily Bugle. All of his rage causes the Venom Symbiote to surface. He then plots payback. Everyone present at the demonstration believes that Spider-Man took the experiment, thereby causing the police to begin a manhunt for Spider-Man. Meanwhile, two mysterious people unleash a fog upon the streets of New York City.

Spider-Man is told by the Black Cat that the Jade Syndicate is robbing a bank and have taken hostages. After foiling the bank robbery, Spider-Man fights the Scorpion in order to keep him from kidnapping John Jonah Jameson. After defeating the Scorpion, Spider-Man is forced to flee from the police. Spider-Man encounters the Daredevil, who questions the Web-Spinner, but is eventually convinced of his innocence, then states that he will spread the word about Spider-Man's innocence. Immediately after the Daredevil leaves, Spider-Man is ambushed by a police-helicopter and chased across the city. Upon escaping from the helicopter, Spider-Man reunites with the Black Cat, who alerts him with two new problems.

Rhino is attacking a power plant and Venom has kidnapped Mary Jane in order to lure the Web-Spinner. Spider-Man defeats Rhino at the power plant, but Black Cat is injured and kidnapped by unknown parties posing as paramedics. Spider-Man discusses his recent situation with Human Torch, who thereupon assures him that things will get better and he will eventually succeed in getting everything right. Spiderman is unable to locate Venom until the villain, whom is obsessed with Spider-Man following the impostor's appearance, appears and leads the Web-Spinner on an elaborate chase through the sewers and in one portion, the subways which are filled with deadly traps. After finally defeating Venom and rescuing Mary Jane, Spider-Man convinces Venom that someone had impersonated him.

They hesitantly agree to work together to find the group responsible, starting with a visit to the Daily Bugle to search for information. At the Daily Bugle, Venom senses the presence of Carnage, his symbiote offspring, thereby causing him to abandon Spider-Man, who deals with an infestation of symbiotes throughout the building. He finally locates the identity of the Spider-Man impostor: Mysterio. After being defeated by Spider-Man, Mysterio reveals that his boss' plan to infest New York City with symbiotes, and that the fog that blankets New York acts as a beacon for the symbiotes that will prepare the citizens for symbiosis. Mysterio's information leads Spider-Man to a warehouse that hides an enormous underground base in which the symbiotes that are cloned from Carnage's DNA are being manufactured.

Spider-Man learns that Mysterio was correct when he runs into Punisher at Warehouse 65. Spider-Man finds a path leading into an undersea base. After rescuing Black Cat, Spider-Man discovers the masterminds behind the scheme, Carnage and Doc Ock. Spider-Man defeats Doc Ock, but Carnage has rendered Venom unconscious. Peter uses a "sonic bubble" that Doc Ock had built as a countermeasure, should Carnage have decided to doublecross him to defeat Carnage. However, the Carnage symbiote fuses with Doctor Octopus to produce an enormous, out-of-control monster, called "Monster Ock." Monster Ock accidentally sets the base to self-destruct, and Spider-Man barely escapes to the surface, where he is rescued by Captain America, Punisher, Human Torch, and Daredevil (sporting the Fantasticar), who were called by Black Cat and Venom.

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