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Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions cover
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
Developed by: Beenox
Released on: Activision

Available on:

Nintendo DS
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360



ESRB Rating:

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Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a video game released in 2010 that starred a cast of different Spider-Men. The game was developed by Beenox and written by Daniel Strange .


The player is able to control four versions of Spider-Man. Each with its own unique attacks and worlds/locations. The game is featured with Spider collectibles, also known as essence, to which you can use to buy new moves, artwork, action figures, and more unlockables. There are also 180 different in-game challenges to complete and 96 hidden spiders to find in 12 levels, plus the end game boss level. Each level has been said to average an hour of gameplay per level. Each Spider-Man also has their own attributes: Agility (Amazing (Mainstream)/Normal), Stealth (Noir), Speed (2099), and Power (Ultimate Symbiote).

  • Amazing (Mainstream) Universe: When bitten by a radioactive spider at a science trip, Peter Parker gained the proportionate strength and agility of an arachnid. After his beloved Uncle Ben died at the hands of a common burglar, a thief Peter could have stopped, he learned that with great power comes great responsibility.
    • Gameplay Strong Points: Using a combination of melee and web-attacks, such as web hammers designed to combine webbing with the environment, mixing up-close and long range combat, and can deals a double damages on the web-based melee weapon attacks.
  • Noir Universe: A world where Spider-Man gained organic Web-Shooters, wall-crawling powers, and "spider-senses" after being bitten by a mystical spider, exists in the 1930's. His webbing ability is enhanced by Webb for this quest, due to his webbing was albeit weaker and keeps splattering around than the other Spider-Men before this quest started.
    • Gameplay Strong Points: Utilizing a tactics of stealth and timing to silently defeat his enemies in combat. When the player is in the shadows the screen turns black and white, signifying concealment. When the player is exposed in light the screen becomes colored meaning the character can be seen. He is the only characters who unable to disarmed guns for some reasons, as well as having a weaker health against guns, and a stronger attack from certain bosses' form and non-light weighted enemies, but has a fast regeneration. There is a fear factor when the enemies spots their allies suddenly being webbed out of nowhere by the player, slowing their walking in fear. During a stealth mission, the player can confront one remaining gunned enemy left anytime once all gunned enemies are defeated or while the player and one gunned enemy are far away from one of the gunned enemies' allies, if a certain powerful moves/upgrades are unlocked.
  • 2099 Universe: A distant future where, many years after the events of the "Heroic Age", a scientist known as Miguel O'Hara accidentally rewrites his own DNA with that of a spider's. He received a Spider-Sense from Webb for this quest, something he unable to achieved it to his DNA, even to his suit.
    • Gameplay Strong Points: Using an acrobatics and his suit's advanced abilities in combat. He has talons which give him a close combat advantage. He has an accelerated vision similar to a spider-reflex which allows him to dodge attacks quickly, much like the two last Sam Raimi's Spider-Man game trilogy series. One of the two Spider-Men to have a special gauge. Has an exclusive free-fall sequence.
  • Ultimate Universe: A younger version of Peter Parker from alternate present, who has been re-bonded to his universe's version of the Venom Symbiote by Amazing (Mainstream) Universe's Madame Web. The suit is kept in check by Madame Web, and will stay bonded to this Spider-Man until the end of the adventure.
    • Gameplay Strong Points: Utilizing powers of the symbiote suit to devastate enemies, generating symbiotic spikes and tendrils which act like extensions of his own body much like in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. There is also a rage meter for the Ultimate universe, much like the Spider-Man 3 video game, but unlike in that game, the rage meter mode's timing can be extend via attacks. One of the two Spider-Men to have a special gauge.


Spider-Man is thwarting a museum heist by Mysterio, when he punches a mysterious artifact called the Tablet of Order and Chaos and shattered it into 17 fragments. Mysterio escapes with a piece, some stays in their reality and others are teleported to other time periods and alternate realities, creating problems with the timeline. Madame Web appears before Spider-Man and tells him about the problem he has created and about the dimensions that the pieces went into.

She has already warned the other Spider-Men about the crisis and they should retrieve all the shattered pieces that have fallen into the hands of the thirteen different villains, in four different universes so it's up to the four Spider-Men to get the pieces back and restore the artifact before all four realities are destroyed.

On Earth-TRN579, Spider-Man has given Madame Web his fragment (which combines with the others given by his counterparts in an orb of light) and becomes annoyed that she jinxed their "good luck". In the meantime, Mysterio has realized the true worth of the tablet piece he has and gains real magic from it. He then leaves his hideout to go on a successful crime wave. Elsewhere, Spider-Man has begun swinging through the city, using his enhanced spider-sense to locate fragments. He's surprised to have found one so easily then realizes its in a trophy room right in the open.

The fragment is waiting for him to grab it, but Spider-Man knows its a trap and evades the obvious ones along the way to unfortunately be knocked out by gas from a trap on the podium the fragment was on. As his vision blurs, Spider-Man recognizes the lunatic the room belongs to; Kraven the Hunter. He is then taken to the jungle to be hunted by Kraven and his students (or "boy band" as Spidey prefers to say). After traveling through the jungle Spider-Man enters an arena and is confronted by Kraven but despite Kraven's skills Spider-Man manages to beat him, which forces the disciples to flee and Kraven to take refuge on top of a temple. Unfortunately for Spider-Man, Kraven activates his fragment (which he surprisingly found on the internet) and gains superhuman speed. However, Spider-Man still wins and claims the fragment.

The game then shifts to Earth-TRN581, where Noir Spider-Man, going on a tip from Felicia Hardy, arrives at the docks, looking for a fragment. He sees some of the Goblin's goons drop a crate, which breaks apart to reveal a fragment. Hammerhead arrives to silence the goons' thoughts about why they need to protect a rock. Spider-Man tags along with their car via webbing and arrives at the tracks. There, he sees Hammerhead has prepared several hostages guarded by his thugs. However, Spider-Man takes out the thugs in secret and rescues the hostages. When Hammerhead learns that his men are dwindling in number, he calls Spider-Man out to a one-on-one fight (cheating with the use of a machine gun).

After Spider-Man pummels him from behind twice, Hammerhead feigns surrender and temporarily stuns him with a headbutt. Spider-Man then follows and takes out the remaining thugs and rescues Hammerhead's last-minute hostages. Hammerhead, tired of Spider-Man's interference, calls another one-on-one, but once again cheats by having what little of his men Spider-Man had not taken out attack him with incoming trains. However, Spider-Man defeats most of them and the remaining goons flee. Hammerhead leads Spider-Man to a closed-off building, where he uses the fragment's power to upgrade and fuse his guns into his hands. Spider-Man tricks Hammerhead into blowing up steam engines for cover and pummels him senseless, taking the fragment. While Madame Web congratulated him and notes his early nickname of her saying 'Thank you Spider-Man the Floating Head Lady appreciate your assistance' while Spider-Man apologizes.

On Earth-TRN579 in the year 2100, Miguel is searching the city for a fragment and feels one closing in on him. He is then ambushed by Hobgoblin 2099, who reveals that he has a fragment. Miguel free-falls through traffic after him, and they crash into a landing, though Hobgoblin's nanofiber wings protect him from the impact of the fall. Miguel and Hobgoblin battle briefly on the landing, during which time Miguel tosses the goblin's bombs back at him, causing Hobgoblin to flee. Miguel then reaches a building guarded by the Public Eye and defeats them before chasing Hobgoblin through the city again.

This time, he leads him through a Public Eye facility, planning to let them do his dirty work. Miguel knocks out the cops and proceeds to follow Hobgoblin to another roof. Tired of Miguel ruining his "fun", Hobgoblin uses his psionic powers combined with the power of the fragment to create a pocket dimension in which he sends perfect clones of himself to attack Miguel. However, Miguel defeats the minions and proceeds to return "Hobby"'s bombs right back at him yet again. In his rage, Hobgoblin piledrives Miguel off the roof and into the ground. However, Spider-Man turns the tables and forces Hobgoblin to land face-first instead of on his wings, knocking him out. Spider-Man claims the fragment, but wonders where Hobgoblin could have gotten such high-tech wings before noticing how they're bonded to him. Only Alchemax could have the money and technology to create Hobgoblin.

On Earth-TRN580, the young Ultimate Symbiote Spider-Man is swinging through a forest in search of a fragment (while the suit makes him feel weird) and arrives at the electric plant. There he finds Electro in possession of a fragment, which he uses to increase his electrical powers. Spider-Man chases him into the first generator room while saving some workers, where he manages to defeat Electro. Electro escapes and leaves behind electrical minions to do his dirty work. This, however, enrages Spider-Man, who then temporarily looses control of the symbiote suit, only regaining control after the minions have been defeated. After rescuing workers twice and fighting off more of Electro's minions, Spider-Man eventually catches up to him at the dam to find his foe to have become a giant being of pure energy. Taking advantage of Electro's constant need to recharge himself, Spider-Man tricks him into smashing the dam and releasing a torrent of water. This shorts out the supervillain and allows Spider-Man to claim his fragment.

Meanwhile, on Earth-TRN579, Mysterio has returned to the museum to steal all the artifacts and kill the guards. However, right before committing murder, Mysterio is distracted by his fragment when it replays the Spider-Men handing over their fragments to Madame Web. Realizing that more fragments meant more power, Mysterio spared the guards and left to collect them himself. In the Amazing Universe, Spider-Man arrives at Roxxon Quarry and easily spots a fragment. However, Sandman appears and claims the fragment, which enhances his ability to control sand. Sandman turns into a tornado and spins wildly in an attempt to escape from Spider-Man.

However, Spider-Man knocks a tower of water on him and after a quick battle causes Sandman to flee through a shed. Spider-Man then fights off several Golems containing a fraction of Sandman's consciousness. Upon defeating the Golems, Spider-Man continues after Sandman and proceeds to fight him one-on-one (with a little help from water pipes) and emerges the victor. Sandman flees once again, but this time into one of the mines. (Spider-Man takes the opportunity to make a Scooby-Doo joke/reference) Fighting his way through Sandman's Golems, Spider-Man encounter Sandman again, but this time, Sandman has absorbed enough sand to become a giant. Despite his size, Spider-Man tosses several barrels of water on Sandman and pummels him.

Sandman flees again and blocks the exit out. Spider-Man saves a trapped worker being attacked by Sandman's golems, who then operates a drill to break through Sandman's barricade. Spider-Man then takes off to follow Sandman, but then has to web-swing for his life as Sandman had turned the tables and was now following Spider-Man as a massive sandslide. Spider-Man is launched outside by the force of Sandman ramming himself against the exit and tries to find cover. However, he finds that there is none and Sandman surrounds him in tornado form. While Sandman's taunting Spider-Man, his mind fractures and he begins arguing with himself. Spider-Man takes advantage of his confusion and tosses water barrels in the tornado debris to make Sandman vulnerable. Sandman's power is canceled out, and he collapses into sand while Spider-Man claims his fragment ( while cleaning the sand out of his shorts).

On Earth-TRN581, Spider-Man is searching through the alleys for the Goblin's right-hand man, Vulture, who Spider-Man can't believe is still alive after their last encounter. To his surprise, Vulture has a fragment and is on his way to deliver it to Osborn. Spider-Man takes out the goons along the alley and arrives in the warehouse at the end, where some of the Goblin's goons are. The goons attack, but Spider-Man ends up the victor. Upon winning, Spider-Man hears Vulture frantically telling his goons that they're doing an inefficient job and tosses one through one of the windows of the warehouse. Spider-Man goes outside and sticks to the shadows of a building side as there're too many goons for him to take out in stealth. Upon reaching the end, Spider-Man found some of the goons conversing and took them on along with their reinforcements from the building they're next to. Upon victory, Spider-Man entered another warehouse and fought Vulture, who he weakened with light.

Not wanting the bird-brained criminal to escape (and probably letting his anger get the best of him), Spider-Man used his webs to tackle Vulture off a beam and out of a window. However, the landing briefly knocked him out. Upon awakening, Spider-Man had to evade a train to catch up with Vulture again. However, Vulture had his goons delay Spider-Man. After winning, Spider-Man tried to enter the building Vulture fled into, only to be blown back by an explosion. Vulture had lit the building on fire as a distraction to cover his escape. However, there were people trapped inside the building as well. Spider-Man rescued them from the flames and escorted them to the nearest exit before taking off after Vulture who he once again tackled out the window before the building exploded. Spider-Man then took off after Vulture again, but more goons blocked his way. After defeating them, Spider-Man entered the next warehouse and took out the remaining goons. As he closed in on Vulture, Spider-Man could hear him raging on about his disdain for Osborn and that he will activate the fragment. ("OH NO! I'm too late!) Entering the next room, Spider-Man called for Vulture and received a rude welcome from the cannibal as he teleported out of nowhere and leaped on him. Spider-Man punched Vulture off of himself and proceeded to use the lights in the room to weaken him again. Thanks to his quick thinking, Spider-Man had numerous opening and knocked Vulture out, claiming the fragment.

On Earth-TRN579 in the year 2100, Miguel sees a Public Eye patrol being attacked by Scorpion 2099, for the fragment they have. Miguel jokingly tells Scorpion to ask for the fragment, but is knocked back. He then proceeds to follow Scorpion through the mall to find that he has laid eggs that hatch into miniature Scorpions. Miguel proceeds to defeat them and save the patrons inside. Following Scorpion, Miguel tries to interrogate his half-brother for answers as to why he wanted the fragment, but received small nonsensical quips and after a fight to which Miguel had seemingly won Scorpion grabbed him with his tail and threw him down the building. proceeding to follow Scorpion to the very top, Miguel tries to help the Public Eye defeat the Scorpions, but is soon turned on afterward. Scorpion then weakens the floor on top to the point of breaking and Miguel ends up falling several stories below the mall. Luckily though he manages to slow his fall and survives , Miguel then realizes Scorpion had made his lair beneath the mall and was simply returning home.

Miguel once again tries to get information about why Scorpion wanted the fragment. Scorpion replies that it was so he could become human again in exchange. When Miguel asks who asked Scorpion to do so, Scorpion reveals that "a smart lady in a green and yellow suit with many shiny arms" was the one who made the promise to him. When Miguel tries to get a further explanation from Scorpion, he is only responded with an annoyed roar as Scorpion had grown tired of being harassed by Miguel. Miguel then proceeds to fight Scorpion and his "children", managing to defeat the little mutants and trap Scorpion below the wreckage of a Public Eye vehicle. Though he claimed the fragment, Miguel could not but help feel as though his victory was a hollow one.

On Earth-TRN580, the young Spider-Man is watching TV for clues and discovers Deadpool has return and acquired one of the fragments as a prize on his new survival reality show "Pain Factor". To make matters more interesting, Deadpool has invited Spider-Man to participate on his show. Upon arriving on the Oil Rig the show is shot on, Spider-Man begins destroying the cameras recording the show, which act as an eye and ears for Deadpool’s fanboy armies. Deadpool, not wanting his show to go off the air, sends out his army of fanboys to keep Spider-Man busy. However, Spider-Man manages to destroy them all despite the inferences.

However, when he finishes, Spider-Man is surprised that Deadpool is congratulating him for his victory; but he is then knocked out by one of the fanboys. Upon waking up, Spider-Man finds himself on a smaller platform with Deadpool (who gives a comical host introduction of himself) and begins to fight him. After Deadpool receives a decent amount of damage, he calls in his fanboys to keep Spidey busy, However, Spider-Man just plows through the fans and continues their fight. After being defeated, Deadpool comes up with an excuse to flee and jumps into a speedboat.

However, Spider-Man skis behind him with his webbing and reaches the next platform. (After evading Deadpool's crashing off the boat) Upon destroying the cameras here and the fanboys guarding them, Spider-Man is informed by Deadpool that a tidal wave is coming his way and ends up dodging several of them. Using a ship caught in the last tidal wave, Spider-Man reaches the final platform. There, Deadpool announces that Spider-Man has won "Pain Factor" and gifts him with the fragment. Deadpool then asks what the big deal is with the fragment. Spider-Man explains how it gives supervillains new powers, but then realizes that he has been had; the fragment he has is a fake. Deadpool then uses the real fragment on himself; this produces two clones. (Deadpool is elated that he has someone to laugh at his jokes) Despite the extra help and the occasional cheating, Deadpool is defeated and forced to take a nap. Spider-Man claims the fragment from him, but then wonders how he will get home.

On Earth-TRN579, Spider-Man is web-swinging back to Madame Web's. Unbeknownst to him, Mysterio is watching to learn where he is taking the fragments. At Madame Web's, Spider-Man hands a fragment to Madame Web. Suddenly, Mysterio bursts through the wall and Spider-Man tells him to go somewhere else and perform a fake magic trick. However, Mysterio launches a buzzsaw at Spider-Man as a warning; this informs Spider-Man that Mysterio isn't using illusions. Mysterio then damages Madame Web's life support system with one of his saws. Spider-Man is then forced to obey Mysterio and locate another fragment. If Madame Web is to survive.

Spider-Man arrives at a construction yard and finds the fragment rather easily. However, Juggernaut rams through the wall near-by and tosses him aside. Following behind Juggernaut is Silver Sable and her Wild Pack, who are after Juggernaut for the bounty on his head. Spider-Man decides to let them play-through, but then realizes Juggernaut accidentally picked the fragment up underfoot and is too stupid to realize it. Spider-Man tosses the tracer Sable put on Juggernaut away to buy himself some time to reason with him. However, Juggernaut is in a less than reasonable mood and this forces Spider-Man to go on the offensive. Though Spider-Man seems to come out on top in their fight, Juggernaut tosses him to another part of the yard when he misunderstands french spoken by Spider-Man.

Silver Sable returns after realizing that she had been sent on a wild goose chase and notices Spider-Man. Since there is a bounty worth the price of a yacht on his head, Sable orders her men to capture Spider-Man as a secondary target. However, Spider-Man defeats the Wild Pack mercenaries, forcing Sable to refocus on Juggernaut. Spider-Man continues after Juggernaut, but is delayed by Wild Pack reinforcements. After defeating the mercenaries, Spider-Man hitches a ride under Sable's helicopter to catch up to Juggernaut - who has plowed through pipes that are now emitting fire. However, the Wild Pack members of the ground notice him and hold the workers hostage. Spider-Man then frees the workers and has them turn off the flames blocking his way to Juggernaut.

Upon catching up to Juggernaut, who has reached the new Oscorp building, that is currently under construction. Spider-Man follows him to the roof and rips off his helmet. However, Juggernaut is even more angry and is easily tricked by Spider-Man into being a human trampoline as they fall through the entire building. Sable gives up her hunt as it would be a miracle if they survived. Spider-Man does indeed survive and tries to get the fragment before Juggernaut wakes up. However, its too late! Juggernaut notices the fragment and uses it to increase his monster strength to ridiculously abnormal levels. However, this came at a cost, his invulnerability has been toned down significantly. Spider-Man takes advantage of this and emerges the victor. However, Madame Web’s time being a hostage of Mysterio become shorter, prompting Spider-Man to quickly leave.

On Earth-TRN581, Goblin has activated his fragment in preparation of Noir Spider-Man's arrival at the carnival, gaining a monstrous appearance along with durability and strength. When Spider-Man arrives, Goblin has already gathered hostages and has his men on guard. However, Spider-Man takes out the goons and frees the hostages. Goblin then advertises his location by activating a mechanical clown face. When Spider-Man reaches the clown, Goblin bashes through it and pins Spider-Man to the ground. Luckily, Spider-Man evades Goblin's stomps and pummels his back (which has a vulnerable glowing tumor). Goblin then throws Spider-Man off his back and taunts him into coming after his superior, "The Goblin Victorious".

Spider-Man takes the challenge and arrives in the next part of the carnival to find more hostages. Spider-Man once again takes out the guards on duty and frees the hostages. He then proceeds into the haunted house and hears Osborn taunting him. After finding his way into an upside down room, where he was temporarily sedated, Spider-Man is then attacked by more of Osborn's goons but despite being half conscious still manages to defeat them. Upon regaining full consciousness, Spider-Man finds an exit and Green pops out of to fight again. However, Spider-Man wins this time but ends up being thrown out. Green frees a Ferris-wheel, endangering a civilian. Spider-Man rescues him and proceeds to the Big Top tent. There, Green goes on about his past as a carnival freak-show. However, Spider-Man shuts him up and they begin their fight. Green cheats by calling in his men, but Spider-Man tricks him into taking them out himself as he was too blinded by rage to notice were he was attacking. Taking advantage of the tumor Green's back, Spider-Man weakened him and knocked him out by launching himself out of a cannon. Noir Spider-Man then reclaims the last fragment on Earth-90214.

On Earth-TRN579 in the year 2100, Miguel has infiltrated Alchemax and finds Serena Patel. After evading a purposely set off explosion in Serena's lab, Miguel follows her straight to the heart of Alchemax's Shadow Division. There, he finds she has created a Condensed Matter Reactor, the crown of her labor. After insulting her by being unimpressed with her invention, Miguel is ejected from the main control room and begins disconnecting the power cables keeping the reactor online. As he fights off Patel's experiments and robots, he learns from captive scientist that the fragment she possesses has given her megalomania. Right after finishing the last disconnection, Miguel returns to the main control room of the reactor and is faced with Patel, who uses the fragment to gain techno-pathy. Using her ego to his advantage, Miguel renders her unconscious and claims the final fragment from Earth-TRN579.

On Earth-TRN580, Spider-Man heads to S.H.I.E.L.D HQ to see if Nick Fury can lend a hand in his search for the fragments. However, he finds the Triskelion a wreck and Symbiote tendrils covering the walls with dried up husks of bodies stuck in it. Horrified, Spider-Man begins running through the Triskelion, and finds the fresher corpses not stuck in the tendrils have come back to life as zombies. Spider-Man manages to save one of the scientist from a mob of zombies and she tells him that Carnage gained this new power after they put a sample of him together with a fragment. Heavily pissed off, Spider-Man demands to go after Carnage and the scientist opens the door leading out. Following the trail of tendrils, Spider-Man finds the reanimated corpses fighting S.H.I.E.L.D Security Drones and takes advantage of the confusion to slip past them. He is then confronted by Carnage, who he defeats by repeatedly tossing him into turbine engines. Following Carnage, Spider-Man arrives in a hanger and goes past the prison to find the zombies have mutated into feral beats like Carnage. Fighting them off, Spider-Man hears a transmission from a heli-carrier that they are about to crash-land back into the Triskelion. Evading the crash, Spider-Man makes his way up to the top of the control tower to find a cocooned Carnage being burned by Security Drones. Spider-Man takes advantage of his new "robot sidekicks" and pummels Carnage into submission, claiming the last fragment.

On Earth-TRN579, Spider-Man thinks "What now? I can't give the final tablet to Mysterio. If I don't, it's lights out for Madame Web. Think Spidey think." Meanwhille, Mysterio is getting impatient. Spider-Man comes in, knocks the saws out, and then all of a sudden, the tablet reassembled itself, giving power to Mysterio. Madame Web summons Noir Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, and Ultimate Symbiote Spider-Man. Noir Spider-Man fights Mysterio first, then Symbiote Spider-Man, then Miguel, and finally, Amazing Spider-Man. Together, the 4 Spider-Men defeat Mysterio. After That Madame Web sends the other Spider-Men back to their own dimension. While amazing spider-man goes to drop Mysterio off at "super-villain Daycare." Meanwhile, back at their own dimension, all 4 Spider-Men think the same thing: "I'm the Best."

Levels [Console Version] Edit

On the Console versions of the game, the story is divided into three "Acts," which get progressively more difficult. Each act contains 4 stages [one for each Spider-Man], and the Player is able to freely choose which order the act's stages are done in [the only exception is Kraven's stage, which the player is forced to do first in the first act. After that, the remaining three stages can be done in any order]. When all four stages in an act are clear, the next Act opens.

  • Tutorial [Amazing, then Ultimate, then 2099, then Noir]

Act 1 Edit

Act 2 Edit

Act 3 Edit

Final Act Edit

  • Mysterio [Noir, then Ultimate, then 2099, then Amazing] [Final Boss]

Nintendo DS villains Edit

A different cast of villains appears in the Nintendo DS version of the game, such as the following:

  • Boomerang
  • The Vulture
  • Electro
  • Calypso
  • Tinkerer

Alternate Costumes Edit

Each altermate costumes can be unlocked through purchases after having amounts of Spider Essences, except Cosmic Spider-Men Pack.

Wave 1 Edit

Wave 2 Edit

Wave 3 Edit

Excluding Mangaverse Spider-Man, these costumes can be unlocked through cheat codes on main menu.

Cosmic Spider-Men Pack Edit

This costume pack was originally a DLC pack on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, eventually being unlocked at the starting game by default in PC version. Each Cosmic Spider-Men costumes shares a charge attack, with a same animation as Ultimate Spider-Man’s regular charge attack instead of enhancing the three former Spider-Men’s respective charge attacks, meaning it won’t work on certain bosses for a pushback knockdown properties, such as on Vulture Noir.


  • Outside Nintendo DS version, each dimensions have completely different style graphics:
    • Both Amazing and Ultimate Universes uses cel-shaded comic book graphics.
      • Amazing Universe's graphic is based on the traditional comics back in 1933 - 1990s.
      • Ultimate Universe's graphic is based on the modern comics since 2000, which was also featured in 2005's Ultimate Spider-Man video game.
    • Both 2099 and Noir Universes uses realistic graphics.
      • 2099 Universe's graphic is based on the current generation of the console gaming since the appearance of 7th-Generation consoles Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.
      • Noir Universe's graphic is based on 1930's black and white films.
    • In Nintendo DS version however, the graphics on both dimensions (except Ultimate due to its absent in this version) are the same. However, Noir Universe, and its inhabitants and environments are colored in black and white.
  • Peter Porker is one of the universes shown in Madame Web's speech. Amazing Spider-Man even points him out. Peter Parquagh, John Jameson, May Parker, and Ashley Barton also appear in Madame Web's web during the game.
    • However Parquagh appeared as an alternate costume for Noir.
  • The events of the game take place after Ultimate Spider-Man got infected by the Symbiote (and subsequently broke free of it) and after the Clone Saga, but before War of the Symbiote. As stated above, he regrets accepting its additional powers in exchange for becoming one with the suit and becoming evil, and rejects having to wear it again-initially, anyway. In Amazing Spider-Man probably during the Heroic Age arc, being Kraven is alive, but also since Madame Web is in it, because it was in the same story line, Grim Hunt, where Kraven was reborn and Web died. After The Eyes Without a Face arcs in Spider-Man Noir and before the Worlds of Tomorrow in Spider-Man 2099.
    • However, despite having same timeline takes place, it is confirmed to be in the video game continuity, due to 2099 Universe has a mixture elements between Earth-928 and Earth-96099 for the appearance of Scorpion 2099 in that game.
  • Miguel O'Hara is the only playable Spider-Man who isn't an alternative universe version of Peter Parker (as it's a few decades after Peter Parker was active in his universe).
  • Mysterio is the only villain in the console versions that also appears in the DS version (Electro and Vulture are also in the DS version, but you fight their Mainstream and 2099 counterparts respectively, as opposed to Ultimate Electro and Vulture Noir).
  • The Cosmic Costume Pack were once downloadable prior PS3 and Xbox 360 versions sales removed. Until in PC version, the pack is unlocked by default as a bonus.
    • The Cosmic Costume shares a same charged attacks, reusing Ultimate Symbiote Spider-Man's charge attack animation instead of utilizing an enhanced cosmic version of the Spider-Men's respective charge attack, but very weak to knock some bosses.
    • Unlike the other 3 Spider-Men in the Cosmic Costume Pack, The Ultimate Spider-Man was seen mixed up with the Uni-Power and the black suit.
  • Despite the game takes place in different continuity, Kron Stone uses his Earth-96099 persona instead of the original Earth-928 where he became Venom 2099. According to his biography his mutation was caused by getting caught in a genesplicer with a scorpion during a power surge.
  • In the game, the Carnage of Earth-1610 may not be Gwen Stacy, apparently it's a clone, although Carnage/Gwen Stacy was in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody in the comics as well.
  • Interestingly, none of the Spider-Men are seen in their civilian identities in the console version. In the DS version, Spider-Man Noir is seen as Peter Parker, but only by means of a bonus costume.
  • When Amazing Spider-Man enters the area that he fights Kraven for the first time, he makes a reference to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, remarking on the similarities between them in one sentence (e.g. "two men enter, one man leaves").
  • When Ultimate Spider-Man first enters Deadpool's level, Deadpool gives the introduction, "The Terrifying, the Deadly, The Amazing Spider-Man!" this is a reference the first of the Spider-Man movies.
  • The voice actor of Ultimate Electro also played Biff Tannen (and other members of the Tannen family) in the Back to the Future Trilogy.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man jokingly mocks Ultimate Electro's appearance for not wearing pants is a reference to Doctor Manhattan's appearance from DC's Watchmen.
  • The way that Noir Vulture teleported after he gained the ability to do so via the tablet fragment is similar to how the mainstream version of Nightcrawler teleports.
  • One of the Public Eye shouts out "Game changer, man! Game changer!" during his fight against Scorpion 2099, this is a reference to the movie Aliens.
  • Each Spider-Man was voiced by a different voice actor who voiced Spider-Man on TV in the past.
  • Madame Web's "Well begun is half done" line (in the tutorial) is a reference to voice actress Susan Blakeslee's voice role as Mary Poppins for Disney.
  • Doctor Octopus's line "Now the world is mine, everybody sing, everybody praise me!" echoes a similar line from the song 'Doctor Octopus, Pt. 2' from the 1975 concept album "Spider-Man: Rock Reflections of a Super-Hero."
  • Fancy Dan (Noir) is listed as killed by not only the Crime-Master (given cement shoes and thrown in the river), but Hammerhead as well (his body being mentioned found in a trash can). It is speculative that the goons of the Goblin Gang are unaware of the true nature of Fancy Dan's death (eaten by spiders).
  • In the game, Goblin Noir is more like Ultimate Green Goblin only he still has his hair and he does not have spikes on his ears.
  • There is a reason Ultimate Spider-Man is set to be playable outside Nintendo DS, and his default costume is his Venom symbiote black suit: During a development of the game, the developers, even the writter Dan Slott felt there are no ideas at first for the 4th dimension and wanted to added a symbiote playstyle in it. In the end, they decide to pick Ultimate Universe as the 4th dimension, setting Ultimate Spider-Man's default costume is his Venom symbiote black suit, fitting Ultimate universe and default costume's theme with a motto of "Power".
    • This maybe also since while not in his Venom symbiote black suit, Ultimate Spider-Man is albeit weaker than the Amazing (Mainstream) Spider-Man. The Amazing (Mainstream) Madame Webb is aware of this.
    • Luckily, the developers and Slott not forgotten how much fan loves Ultimate Spider-Man's original costume, act as a purchasable alternate costume.
    • One of Ultimate Spider-Man's alternate, Mangaverse Spider-Man did wear a Venom black suit when wearing a Venom amulet in the comics. In the game, it can be assumed that the original Mangaverse costume did not match the symbiote attacks.
  • 2099 and Noir Universe are the only universe to have the same respective mooks in entire levels, such as Public Eye and Osborn's henchmen.
  • Amazing and Ultimate Universe are the only universe to change mooks each three main levels, except final level.
  • Noir Universe is the only universe not to have other mooks besides Osborn's henchmen in entire levels.
  • Mysterio's mooks, which only appeared in Ultimate and Amazing's final level stages appears to share a same model as Sandman's light-weight mooks, despite having a different textures.
  • In order for the PC owners of this game who uses post-Windows 7 versions to get the resolution settings work is to set the Game and Launcher EXE files’ compatibility mode “On” and set the mode as Windows 7, by right click and go to the Properties menus first.
  • PC version (Steam or not) has a lot of full minor fixes than console versions.