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Spiderman return of the sinister six NES
Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six
Developed by: Bits Studios
Released on: October 1992 (NES, Master System)

1993 (Game Gear)

Available on:

Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom, Sega Master System/Mark III, Game Gear



ESRB Rating:

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Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System developed by Bits Studios software, and published by LJN in 1992.


In the game the player controls Spider-Man through six side-scrolling levels, with a member of the Sinister Six at the end of each level as a boss. The famous super-hero could jump, punch, kick, climb certain walls, shoot unlimited webs to swing on, and collect web fluid to shoot square, web projectives. Players can also duck, and perform a jump kick.The levels were generally pretty straight forward side-scrolling action, although occasionally a particular item such as key or a detonator would have to be found. Each level started out with a graphic illustration of Spider-Man battling the supervillain that the player would fight as a boss.


  • Level One: New York City Streets and Power Plant with the boss being Electro.
  • Level Two: New York City Sewers with the boss being the Sandman.
  • Level Three: New York City Secret Labotory with the boss being Mysterio.
  • Level Four: New York City Streets and Rooftops with the boss being the Vulture.
  • Level Five: New York City Park with the boss being the Hobgoblin.
  • Level Six: New York City Castle with the final boss being Doctor Octopus.

After successfully completing each level, the ending is a scene of all the supervillains sitting together in a large jail cell, with the on-screen message, ""VICTORY! Spider-Man triumphs over the Sinister Six..." Spider-Man has only one life (in the NES version), although you do receive one continue. While there are web cartridge icons scattered throughout certain levels, (allowing Spider-Man to shoot ten web projectiles) there are no icons available to restore energy. However, defeating several enemies can restore Spider-Man's power bar.

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