Spider-Man Blue Vol 1 1

Spider-Man: Blue is a limited comic series publishing by Marvel Comics.


The series for 6 issues, and tell flashbacks while Peter Parker is narrating how much he missed Gwen Stacy (his first love) since she died at the hands of the Green Goblin.


On Valentine's Day, Spider-Man swings back to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge- the place where Gwen Stacy died. He leaves a red rose, and then a flashback begin about how Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy met starts.

Soon after, Peter starts talking into a tape recorder of how Gwen and he fell in love. After retelling events, it is Valentine's Day, and Gwen asks Peter to be her valentine. Peter then states how her death has scarred him. He says that Mary Jane taught Peter to love again, but he reveals how much he misses Gwen. Suddenly, he notices his wife Mary Jane listening. Instead of being angry, Mary Jane feels deep sympathy for her husband and tells Peter to say hello to Gwen from her and to tell her how much she misses her, too. After Peter says his goodbyes, the story ends.

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