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The Sinner Six
(of Earth-70237) was a team of supervillians hold captive by Mayor Waters of Earth-70237.



In Earth-70237, after word of a older version of Peter Parker return to fight crime started to spread, Mayor Waters released this version of the Sinister Six now called the "Sinner Six". Mayor Waters promised that if they could kill Spider-Man once and for all, they could leave the city of New York, no questions asked.

After Kraven unmasked Peter to a small crowd of people, they return to defend the Mayor as by Venom's command. After seeing his daughter killed, Sandman reformed to help Peter. After almost being defeated by the Sinner Six, Sandman steals a button to give to Peter to press and kill all of the Sinner Six (including himself and Venom) that orginally belonged to the Mayor to press only if any of them disobeyed him. Peter presses the button and them all killed in an instant.

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