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All-New Sinister Six
All-New Sinister Six
Founder(s): Doctor Octopus
Leader(s): Swarm; formerly Boomerang, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Mysterio (Berkhart)

Current members:

8-Ball, Delilah, Killer Shrike, Melter, Squid, Swarm

Former members:

Armadillo, Beetle (Jenkins), Beetle (Lincoln), Bi-Beast, Boomerang, Chameleon, Clown, Cyclone, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Fly, Gog, Grim Reaper, Hobgoblin, Kangaroo, Kraven the Hunter (Sergei), Kraven the Hunter (Alyosha), Living Brain, Lizard, Man Mountain Marko, Mirage, Mysterio (Beck), Mysterio (Berkhart), Overdrive, Owl, Rhino, Sandman, Scorcher, Scorpia, Shocker, Shriek, Speed Demon, Spot, Trapster, Venom, Vulture


Alignment: Bad
Universe: Earth-616


Unknown, formerly none, an underwater base in Guatemala, various locations

First appearance:

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
Creators: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

"Well, I guess they're letting anyone call themselves the Sinister Six these days."
— Spider-Man

The Sinister Six (of Earth-616) are a group of villains who have attempted to kill Spider-Man many times. This group was founded by Doctor Octopus after being defeated by Spider-Man three times in a row.



Current MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit




Each teammates' arsenal


  • The Savage Six appear to be a darker version of them

In mediaEdit


  • In the 1994 animated series, the Sinister Six was called the Insidious Six. Fox Kids censors apparently felt that the word Sinister sounded too menacing for a children's program. The Insidious Six was formed in the beginning of Season 2 as a two-part episode premiere and it was created by the Kingpin to settle off his debt with his enemy, Silvermane, and consisted of Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Chameleon, Rhino, Scorpion, and Shocker to kill Spider-Man.
  • The Sinister Six later appeared in the 2008 animated series, The Spectacular Spider-Man , which consisted originally of Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Shocker, Vulture, Rhino, and Electro.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man , The Sinister Six first appeared in the episode Sinister Six. It's members conists of Doctor Octopus , Electro , Lizard, Beetle, Kraven the Hunter, and The Rhino. They appeared again in Return of the Sinister Six, only this time with Scorpion replacing Beetle.

Video GamesEdit

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