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Ravencroft Institute
Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane
Aliases: Ravencroft Institute, Ravencroft, Ravencroft Asylum
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol




United States of America
State: New York State


Province: Westchester County



The Ravencroft Institute is an institute meant to hold the criminally insane. Many adversaries of Spider-Man have been in this institute.

It is a maximum security facility.



The U.S. government decided to create the Ravencroft Institute for the criminally insane, with Dr. Ashley Kafka in charge.

When Dr. Ashley Kafka's success rate came into question, she was replaced by Leonard Samson as director. Samson left the facility soon after.



Former staffEdit

  • Dr. Ashley Kafka (Founder, former director)
  • John Jameson, Jr. (Former head of security)
  • Dr. Leonard Samson (Former director)
  • Vermin (Edward Whelan) (Former assistant to Dr. Kafka)


  • Nelson Cragg

Former patientsEdit

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