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Rajit Ratha TASM
Dr. Rajit Ratha
Real name: Rajit Ratha
Aliases: Ratha
Alignment: Bad
Age: {{{age}}}
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Relatives/friends: Dr. Curt Connors (coworker)
Norman Osborn (employer)
Characteristics: N/A
Portrayed by: Irrfan Khan
Appearances: The Amazing Spider-Man

Dr. Rajit Ratha is an OSCORP scientist appearing in the 2012 superhero film The Amazing Spider-Man. Ratha is portrayed by Irrfan Khan.


He wants to save Norman Osborn from dying by using Dr. Curt Connors' serum, but it has not been tested on human subjects yet and Dr. Connors would not allow it. Dr. Ratha fires Dr. Connors and takes the serum, intending to use it on hospital patients while pretending it's a flu shot. To stop him, Dr. Connors desperately injects the serum into his arm and becomes The Lizard, attacking a bridge and throwing Dr. Ratha's car over the side.

A resident of New York City, Ratha was born on March 13, 1967 in Jaipur, India. Ratha was the Director of Business Development in the Biogenetic Division of Oscorp in Manhattan.

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