Planet of the Symbiotes is a five-issue comic book story-arc written by David Michelinie and published by Marvel Comics in 1995.

The story centers on the invasion of Earth by an army of symbiotes and the efforts of Venom, Spider-Man, and Scarlet Spider to stop them.


In the first issue, Eddie Brock contemplates his relationship with the Venom symbiote after Venom's spawn's have difficulty controlling themselves and their own symbiotes. Eddie also starts to realise that the symbiote is giving him the influence to kill. Spider-Man tries to persuade Eddie to abandon the symbiote by giving it blame for Brock's level of sanity. Eddie eventually forces the symbiote to leave him, saying that he wants to think about the situation without being under the influence of the symbiote. Raging and sorrow at the rejection, the symbiote unleashes a powerful, telepathic and psychic shriek that makes the spaceship of other symbiotes (Klyntar) from their own planet come to Earth. This shriek also affects the citizens residing on Earth, it causes suicide and grief among the people worldwide. The newly arrived symbiotes start to possess random civilians and commit murders and other fatal accidents. Eddie, believes that his 'Other' (symbiote) is to blame for the catastrophe, and eventually teams with Spider-Man and The Scarlet Spider to investigate. They discover the that the symbiotes are constructing a overwhelming sized portal machine out of stolen Earth components. The three engage battle with the symbiotes but are too overwhelmed. Scarlet Spider is then revealed to be wearing a symbiote, which drags all three heroes through the portal.

  • Remainder TBA

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