Peter Parker (Earth-985)
Full Name: Peter Parker
First Appearance: What If? Vol. 2 #108
Created by: Tom DeFalco, Sergio Cariello, Keith Champagne
Home Universe: Earth-985
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Place of Birth:
Citizenship: American
Base: {{{11}}}
Affiliations: {{{12}}}
Powers/Abilities: {{{13}}}
Height: {{{14}}}
Weight: {{{15}}}
Hair Color: {{{16}}}
Eye Color: {{{17}}}
Unique Features: {{{18}}}

Peter Parker (of Earth-985) is an alternate version of Peter Parker who fought a version of the Carnage symbiote that bonded with the Silver Surfer of that universe.


After the Carnage Symbiote attached itself to the Silver Surfer, Spider-Man fought against him along with Justice, Firestar and the Avengers (of Earth-985). Spider-Man had great difficulty in fighting Carnage Cosmic and was lucky just to dodge his attacks.

After returning to Avengers Mansion to tend to the Vision's injuries, Spider-Man and the others discussed the events that led to the Carnage Symbiote bonding with the Silver Surfer. Spider-Man explained that if the symbiote had enough time to permenantly bond with the Surfer, that there might not be any other way to stop him aside from killing him.

During the second battle with the Carnage Cosmic, Spider-Man and the others were bested by the Carnage Cosmic again. Firestar managed to harm the symbiote enough to allow the Silver Surfer control over his body. Realizing that there was only way to stop the Carnage symbiote, the Silver Surfer flew himself into the sun, destroying both himself and the symbiote.

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