Peter Parker (Earth-91126)

Peter Parker (of Earth-91126) is an alternate version of Peter Parker who was killed by the Sandman of that universe.


Early lifeEdit

Spider-Man of Earth-91126's history was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart's up until his years in college.


When the Sinister Six arrived at the college during a protest Peter went off to change into his Spider-Man costume, not knowing that seconds later a cannibalistic zombie version of himself would appear and kill nearly all of the Sinister Six.

Sandman, who had managed to escape from the Zombie Spider-man, ran into his universe's Spider-Man. Sandman went into a homoicidal rage and started to pumel Spider-Man into the ground, mistaken him for the Zombie Spider-Man that had killed his partners. Sandman then poured himself into Spider-Man's mouth while screaming, killing Spider-Man when he burst out of his stomach, blowing his jaw off in the process.

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