Peter Parker (Earth-9021)

"I did not come all the way from Queens to get my ass kicked. I came here to fight."
— Peter Parker (Earth-9021)

Peter Parker (of Earth-9021) is an alternate version of Peter Parker who, after losing his powers, he caused a uprising of powerless humans.


In his reality, Scarlet Witch said instead of "No more mutants", she said "No more superpowers", thus changing the lives of all superpowered heroes and villains. A depowered Peter Parker was at first confused about it, but in time was relieved and started a new life with the Mary Jane Watson of his reality. Later, in memory of past times, Peter wrote a book about him becoming, and being Spider-Man that became a best seller.

While Mary Jane was pregnant with their child, Peter learns about current battle between the Avengers in Iron Man armors (led by Tony Stark) and new Fourth Reich (led by the Red Skull). Despite his concerned wife arguments, Peter puts on his old web shooters, comes to the battle scene, and destorys the Cosmic Cube using his web shooters. Afterwards, he inspires all present heroes for the last fight and led them forward, shouting "Avengers assemble!" in vain of the deceased Captain America of his reality.

30 years later, Peter is shown spending his time with daughter May Parker and grand daughter Anna, surrounded by statues of fallen heroes. Tony Stark visits him. After Tony displays his concerns about future dangers, Peter said that if things get bad enough again, more of "their kind" will emerge. As Peter says this, Anna is shown leaping from monkey bars with superhuman agility.

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