Peter Parker (Earth-8351) What If Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine Vol 1 1
Full Name: Peter Parker
First Appearance: What If? Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine #1 (March, 2008)
Created by: Jeff Parker;
Paul Tobin;
Clayton Henry
Home Universe: Earth-8351
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Deceased
Place of Birth: Queens, New York
Citizenship: American
Base: New York City, Nueva York, 2099 AD; formerly Mobile; New York City, New York, Earth-8351
Affiliations: Superior Spider-Army; formerly Wolverine, Alex
Powers/Abilities: Enhanced spider-powers due to formal training
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Unique Features: None

Peter Parker (of Earth-8351) is an alternate version of Peter Parker who became an top Black Ops agent assassin, working alongside Wolverine


Early LifeEdit

The same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until after Spider-Man vs. Wolverine.

Brand NewEdit

In Spider-Man vs. Wolverine, Peter Parker followed Wolverine to Russia, who was on the trail of a friend working for the "KGB". Realizing that the "KGB" would eventually kill his friend, Wolverine wanted to put her out of her misery. Peter tried to stop him, but accidentally killed the friend instead. Haunted by his actions, Peter was supposed to flee home into the waiting arms of Mary Jane.

However, in this reality, Peter stayed in Europe, joined a group called "Nabo" and became an assassin along with Wolverine of his reality to destroy terrorist groups.

He has also left the Mary Jane of his reality for a woman named Alex who resembles Gwen Stacy, who also died at some point.

Spider-Verse Edit

When Spider-Men of the multiverse were being killed, Spider-Man (Otto Octavius in Peter's body) recruited him to fight against the incoming threat. When the 616 Peter's team came to recruit him and Otto's Spider-Army, he died at the hands of Daemos.

Powers and abilities Edit


  • Presumably this version of Spider-Man has enhanced powers of his Earth-616 counterpart, as he has received training for them. It has seen that he has beaten the Black Widow, a top agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. without trying.


  • Spider-Sense: His spider-sense has been upgraded to the point where he apparently just "knows things". Wolverine says that it is impossible to surprise him and he has demonstrated knowing what would happen to Wolverine and a sniper hiding in the trees away from him, while being several hundred feet away from them, doing his own activities and got the reaction exactly right.

Strength levelEdit

  • Unknown, but assumed to be much more than his Earth-616 counterpart as a result of his training.


  • None known.


  • Assassin Spider-Man in Edge of Time
  • Assassin Spider-Man in Spider-Man Unlimited

Video GamesEdit

  • In 2011's Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Peter Parker of Earth-8351's suit is unlockable costume for the Amazing Spider-Man by typing in 'coldhearted'.
  • In Spider-Man Unlimited, Assassin Spider-Man in unlockable.


  • Notably, this version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man is always serious, no longer quipping/joking during battle. This could be because he no longer has problems coping with the stress that being a hero brings, or it could be simply a personal choice.


  • AlexRossSpider
    This version's costume also strongly resembles the Alex Ross concept costume that was meant to be in the Spider-Man (2002) film.

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