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Monster-Ock is a first appearance character in Spider-Man for the PC. He is a fusion of Carnage and Dr. Octopus.

He appears in Spider-Man for PS1, N64, PC and the Sega Dreamcast and he is the final boss.


After Teaming up with Carnage to infect New York with symbiotes, Spider-Man defeated Carnage by luring him into a sonic bubble. The symbiote then seperated from carnage and bonded with Ock. Monster-Ock then chased Spider-Man through the under water base vents where Monster-Ock was caught in a blaze of fire. The Carnage symbiote then disintegrated and Captain America rescued them in an Avengers Quinn Jet. Ock was then put in a jail cell at Rykers Island with Scorpion, Mysterio, Rhino and one of the Tech Thugs.


  • This is the only piece of media that Monster Ock appears in, as he has not appeared in any comic book, television show, or video game to date.

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