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Doctor Octopus (Dr. Otto Octvius)

Doctor Otto Octavius better known as Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock, is a recurring villian and character in the Spider-Man comics.

Early life

Born in Schenectady, New York, Dr. Otto Octavius had a turbulent upbringing. His father, a factory worker, was abusive and violent towards both Otto and his mother, leading Otto to be shy and reclusive in school. However, at his mother's insistence, he was determined not to become like his father and threw all his efforts into his education, regularly scoring top marks, mostly in science. His father's death due to an industrial accident pushed him further towards the study of, and obsession with, physical science.

Otto became a brilliant and respected nuclear physicist, atomic research consultant, inventor, and lecturer. He designed a set of highly advanced mechanical arms controlled via a brain-computer interface to assist him with his research into atomic physics. The tentacle arms were resistant to radiation and were capable of great strength and highly precise movement, attached to a harness that fit around his body.

Though his relationship with co-workers was typically hostile, a fellow researcher named Mary Alice Anders befriended him, and later agreed to marry him. His mother did not approve, and to please her, he ended his engagement. Later, when he discovered that his mother had begun dating a librarian, he rebuked her causing her to have a fatal heart attack in the heat of their argument.

Becoming Doc Ock

During an accidental radiation leak that ended in an explosion, the apparatus became fused to Octavius' body. It was later revealed that the radiation (or possibly his own latent mutation) had mutated his brain so that he could control the movement of the arms using his thoughts alone. The tentacles have since been surgically removed from his body, although Octavius retains the power to control them telepathically from a great distance. The accident also seemingly damaged his brain (although it was later suggested that what was interpreted as brain damage was in fact his mind rewiring itself to accommodate four extra limbs).

Though Doc Ock himself is portly, in poor physical shape, and is with his harness attached he is physically more than a match for Spider-Man. In his first appearance he beat Spider-Man so badly that the wall-crawler considered giving up his heroic career, until he was inspired to continue by the Human Torch at the time when the Fantastic Four were called in to fight Doc Ock.

Over the years Octavius has become one of the most identifiable members of Spider-Man's rogues' gallery. He remains one of Spider-Man's most dangerous foes, having many legendary battles with him over the years. Doc Ock formed the original Sinister Six to fight Spider-Man. Disguised as the Master Planner, he organized a theft of atomic equipment Doc Ock later attempted to steal the Defense Department's Nullifier device, and set a trap for Spider-Man.

Octavius later exhibited the ability to activate his mechanical arms remotely, and used them to free himself from prison. His resulting battle with Spider-Man resulted in the death of Captain George Stacy. Doc Ock later waged a gang war with Hammerhead. He attempted to wed May Parker in order to acquire an island with an atomic plant which she inherited. He later attempted to hijack an atomic submarine and attempted to poison New York City with printers' ink. He battled Punisher and Spider-Man. He later displayed symptoms which Mister Fantastic diagnosed as multiple personality disorder. Doctor Octopus was taken to the Beyonder's battleworld, where he fought a horde of heroes during the "Secret Wars".

His crowning achievement of evil was the near-fatal beating of Spider-Man's partner, Black Cat, who was placed in critical condition and led to Spider-Man beating "Doc Ock" to within an inch of his life. The trauma of the beating he received from Spider-Man left Octavius afraid of Spider-Man and spiders in general for years, and he needed to be treated for his acute arachnophobia.

Despite the obvious obstacles, Octavius was for a time on good terms with Peter Parker's Aunt May, whom he first met in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (1964) when he abducted her and Peter's then-girlfriend Betty Brant to attract Spider-Man's attention. In fact, in later years May Parker and Otto Octavius were briefly engaged to be married. Their wedding was interrupted by Hammerhead, whom he nearly killed until Peter intervened as Spider-Man. During the Clone Saga, Doc Ock saved Spider-Man from certain death due to a poison injected by Vulture. During the healing process he discovered the identity of Spider-Man and then allowed himself to be taken in by police.

Powers and Abilities

He has a mechanical apparatus that was fused into his spinal cord in a freak accident. It consists of four titanium arms that are controlled by his thoughts. Each arm is equipped with 3, single-jointed pinchers, and can each move at a speed of 90 feet per second. In addition to the benefit of four mechanically controlled limbs, the arms are capable of lifting 8 tons each, making for a grand total of 32 tons if he uses all four arms at once. Octavius also frequently uses his lower 2 mechanical arms as a pair of legs when he is not in combat, as the arms are capable of moving much faster than the average human.

Sinister Six

Doctor Octopus was the leader of the original sinister six along with Electro, The Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman and Kraven the Hunter.

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