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Oscorp is the leading chemical manufacturing firm (which also had research divisions that dealt in other areas.) that is based in New York City and was founded and owned by the ruthless businessman, inventor, and gifted chemist named Norman Osborn.

Oscorp (Earth-26496)
Founder(s): Norman Osborn
Leader(s): Norman Osborn

Current members:

Harry Osborn

Former members:

{{{former members}}}


Alignment: Bad
Universe: Earth-26496


Oscorp Tower, Manhattan, New York City

First appearance:

Survival of the Fittest
Creators: Victor Cook


This version of Oscorp shares similarities to the comic counterpart.

At some point, Norman came across a chemical formula with the intention of using it to increase a person's intelligence and physical strength. Osborn tried to recreate the chemical (secretly) and used small doses of it. The formula indeed increased his intelligence and strength, but it also drove him insane. He created a Halloween-like costume for himself which he colored green after the solution and named himself the Green Goblin for which his major objective was to become the reigning crime boss in New York and to kill Spider-Man.


Current MembersEdit

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