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Natural Selection


David Bullock


Matt Wayne

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March 15, 2008

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"Natural Selection" is the third episode of the first season of the animated television series, The Spectacular Spider-Man., and marks the first appearance of "The Lizard".


Spider-Man stops a robbery at a bakery, while also taking pictures of himself in order to the Daily Bugle photo contest for pictures of Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Dr. Curt Connors injects himself with the modified Lizard serum from the last episode, and wakes up the next day to find his amputated arm has completely regrown, and his wife, Martha, is both delighted and furious that he experimented on himself without her knowledge.

At school, Flash Thompson and Kenny Kong bombard Peter Parker with water balloons, the later of which, who manages to dodge them thanks to his spider sense, but once this gains the attention of his fellow classmates, Peter lets himself to be drenched by the remaining balloons. Gwen stands up for Peter and manages to turn the crowd on Flash instead. Gwen and Peter then go to the ESU Lab to help Eddie clean up the mess Electro left behind in his battle with Spider-Man, and are alerted to the good news about Curt's arm. Everyone, along Curt and Martha's son, Billy Connors, celebrate, and Curt even arm wrestles with Eddie. Scales quickly grow on Curt's new arm though, and Martha deduces that the reptilian part of Curt's brain is slowly taking over. Peter tries to comfort Billy, but is interrupted when Curt turns into The Lizard and runs off.

Eddie runs off in pursuit, while Martha and Gwen decide to stay in the lab and work on a cure. Peter slips out of the building in order to follow Curt Connors as Spider-Man, which infuriates Gwen by how easily he's abandoned them. Spider-Man and Connors fight at the subway train station, but Connors manages to escape when Spider-Man is knocked off the train. He returns to the lab where Martha gives him the gene cleanser, but it must be administered to Curt orally.

Connors has been spotted at the Bronx Zoo, and Spider-Man goes after him again. Connors knocks him out though, but Eddie arrives to help out. Billy also arrives at the scene and tries to talk some sense into his father, but it appears to be useless, and Spider-Man regains consciousness and tackles Connors into the Polar Bear pond. Spider-Man pours the serum into Connors' mouth and turns back to normal, but also losing his arm once again.

The next day, Peter sells the photo of Spider-Man battling The Lizard to the Daily Bugle, but when the others find out they are enraged that Peter ran off just to win the Bugle prize money, instead of trying to help their friend. Martha understands Peter's family needs the money but she has now lost all trust in Peter and fires him. Frustrated that he is unable to explain himself, and once again looking like a selfish coward in front of his friends, Peter takes one of the gene cleansers for himself and almost takes it, until he sees the photo of Uncle Ben in his room. Realizing that Billy still has a father because of Spider-Man, Peter does not take the gene cleanser, but he does store it away underneath his desk.

Appearances Edit

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Supporting Characters Edit

Villains Edit

  • Dr. Curt Connors / The Lizard

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Locations Edit

  • Earth-26496
    • Midtown High School
    • Dr Conners' Lab
    • Bronx Zoo (First appearance)

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