The name Morbius may pertain to any of the following:




  • Michael Morbius - a scientist who ironically became a vampire in a misguided attempt to cure himself of a rare blood disease.


  • Michael Morbius - the grandson of the original Dracula who struggles to resist his vampiric impulses.

Professor X: JuggernautEdit


  • Michael Morbius - a vapire/zombie hybrid who tried to spread his world's zombie plague to Earth-616.

Skrulls InvadedEdit

Last Gun on EarthEdit

Magic RulesEdit

House of MEdit

Invisible Woman died in second childbirthEdit

Spider-Man had 6 ArmsEdit


Scarlet Spider killed Spider-ManEdit

Teen-age Mary Jane WatsonEdit

Deadpool's MassacreEdit

Spider bitten by radioactive humanEdit

  • Porkius - an anthropomorphic vampire pig.





1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoonsEdit
  • Michael Morbius - an ESU exchange student that accidently turned himself into a vampire trying to discover Peter Parker's secrets.
2010s Marvel Animated UniverseEdit
  • Michael Morbius - an agent of HYDRA who was turned into a vampire by Doctor Octopus.


  • Morbius - the episode of Spider-Man the Animated Series where Morbius first mutated into a vampire.

Video GamesEdit

Maximum Carnage video gameEdit

2000s Spider-Man film seriesEdit

2010s The Amazing Spider-Man film seriesEdit

Super Hero Squad cartoon and gamesEdit

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