Menace of Mysterio

The Menace of Mysterio is the fifth episode from the Spider-Man animated series from 1994.  This episode introduces the villain Mysterio (Quentin Beck) and supporting character Dectective Terri Lee.

Plot Edit

After the Metropolitan Museum is robbed by a Spider-Man imposter, Peter Parker goes down there to investigate what really happened. He is stopped by Terri Lee when he picks up some of the imposter's webbing which he explains dissolves after one hour so it must be fake. Suddenly, Mysterio appears in front of everyone at the museum and announcing that he will apprehend Spider-Man, then leaving and creating an illusion of the museum roof collapsing.

Peter laters hears of another Spider-Man robbery at the mall so he investigates as Spider-Man. When he arrives, he is confronted by Mysterio who leads Spider-Man to the Brooklyn Bridge and makes Spider-Man fall off the edge and supposedly die. J. Jonah Jameson later praises Mysterio on television for getting rid of Spider-Man once and for all.

Peter watches the news report, depressed, as Mary Jane Watson dumps him for missing their date. Detective Terri Lee then comes to Peter's house and tells him that she thinks Spider-Man has been set up. He refuses to give her help as he has decided to quit life as Spider-Man but Terri tells him that Spider-Man would never quit and this (along with a flashback to Uncle Ben) persuades Peter to help Terri.

Spider-Man later visits Terri and together they figure out that Mysterio must be, ex special effects maker, Quentin Beck, who Spider-Man apprehended after Quentin purposefully made a helicopter crash using a rigged explosion.

Spider-Man visits Wonder Studios, Quentin's base of operations, and experiences many of illusions before being captured, along with Terri and Jameson who arrived later. Spider-Man frees himself, Terri and Jameson before defeating Mysterio, who is then arrested.