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May Reilly (Earth-70105)
Aunt May
Full Name: May Parker
First Appearance: Bullet Points #1
Created by:
Home Universe: Earth-70105
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Place of Birth:
Citizenship: American
Base: {{{11}}}
Affiliations: {{{12}}}
Powers/Abilities: {{{13}}}
Height: {{{14}}}
Weight: {{{15}}}
Hair Color: {{{16}}}
Eye Color: {{{17}}}
Unique Features: {{{18}}}

May Parker is the aunt of Peter Parker. Since her husband died in World War 2, she had to raise Peter by herself after his father and mother died.


May lost her husband, Ben while he was still young, and was unable to handle raising Peter on her own once his parents died as well. As a result, he often lashed out at her, and got into trouble.

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