Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol 1 1
The War Begins
Comic Book series: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol. 1
Issue Number: 1

First published:

May, 1984

Executive Editor:

Jim Shooter

Cover Artist:

Michael Zeck

John Beatty


Jim Shooter


Michael Zeck


John Beatty


Tom DeFalco

Previous issue:


Next issue:

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #2


  • TBA


"The War Begins"Edit

  • TBA

Continuity DevelopmentsEdit

  • This issue features the first Earth-616 appearance of the Beyonder, by voice only.
  • The planet known as "Battleworld" appears for the first time.
  • Scott Summers, having left the X-Men in X-Men #138 (1980), rejoins them after being summoned with them.


    • Marvel Hero Squad Online early promo
    • Marvel Zombies homage
    • Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1 variant homage cover
    • Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #4 variant cover homage
    The cover of Secret Wars has been homaged many times, mostly by Marvel Comics.

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