Marvel Future Fight
Marvel Future Fight
Developed by: Netmarble Games Corporation
Released on: April 30, 2015

Available on:

iOS, Android



ESRB Rating:

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Marvel Future Fight is mobile video game app that allows users to play as over 40 different Marvel Comics characters and fight against the forces of evil.


The plot follows the Avengers trying to stop an unknown universal threatening problem that is allowing several "bad future" universes to spill into their universe. This causes many evil versions of many classic Marvel heroes to fight against the players forces.

One of these bad futures has Nick Fury recording a last message sent to an alternate reality (the player) to help contain this problem before it overtakes the entire universe. The game starts with Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Jocasta and Agent Jemma Simmons working to contain the threat from villian such as Loki, HYRDA and Kingpin.


Over 40 different playable character are available to earn. Spider-Man and Black Cat are both playable. 

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