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Marvel Avengers Alliance

Start-up screen

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a turn-based RPG social network game developed by Playdom.

The game is a turn-based RPG with characters from Marvel Comics. The game is accessible via social-networking website Facebook, Playdom's official website and mobile platforms.


The social network game has been released on Facebook at March 1, 2012, and on Playdom's Official website at July 10, 2012, and June 13, 2013 on iOS devices via Apple's App Store.

Playable Characters

Spider-Man and Black Cat are playable characters, among others.



Original outfit

Spider-Man cost 90 Command Points to unlock. He has the following abilities:
  • Web Shot (already unlocked)


  • Causes "Webbed" which lowers attack and defense.

Spider Sense (unlocked at level 2)


  • Greatly increases evasion.
  • Gains extra turn when attacked.

Web Slingshot (unlocked at level 6)


  • Deals critical damage if target is "Webbed".

Web Swing (unlocked at level 9)


  • Chance to stun the opponent and lose turn.
    Black Cat

    Original outfit

Black Cat

  • Cat Scratch (already unlocked)


  • Causes one stack of bleeding (three if Cat costume is equipped)

Unlucky Strike (unlocked at level 2)


  • Reduces accuracy by 30% and evasion by 35%

Stroke of Luck (unlocked at level 6)


  • Greatly increases stats for the following turn

Nerve Chop (unlocked at level 9)


  • Deals extra damage against Bleeding targets


There are many Spider-Man villains as bosses in the game such as:

  • Symbiote alternate costumeGo to Symbiote Costume
  • Future Foundation alternate costumeGo to Future Foundation Costume
  • Spider-Man's "Amazing Spider-Man" costume
  • "Claws" alternate costume

Alternate Costumes

Spider-Man has three different alternate costumes, his Symbiote costume, his Future Foundation costume and his costume based off the Classic Red and Blue from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Black Cat has one alternate costume, her "Claws" costume.

Team Up Bonuses

Heroes can get bonuses based on who they are paired with for battle.


Black Cat


  • Unlike Classic Spider-Man which starts with Great Responsibility, Symbiote Suited Spider-Man starts with Great Power instead.

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