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Martha Connors in Spider-Man: the Animated Series

Martha Connors is the wife to Curt Connors (A.K.A. the Lizard) and mother of Billy Connors.

Spider-Man: The Animated SeriesEdit

She appears in the pilot episode "Night of the Lizard" where she is visited by Spider-Man who is looking for Professor Connors. She is afraid of him and thinks to Spider-Man wants to kill him. When The Professor arrives in the form of the Lizard, she is kidnapped by the Lizard after his fight against Spider-Man and is taken to the sewer. In the sewer Martha tells Lizard that she does not like his plan of changing everybody into a reptile like him. When Spider-Man comes and attacks the Lizard, Martha grabs the Machinebut the accidentally drops it into the sewer water where Spider-Man and Lizard go to fight for it. In the end Lizard is transformed back to his originally self as Curt Connors and comes back to Martha and Billy.

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