Spectacular Montana Shocker
Market Forces


Dan Fausett


Andrew Robinson

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March 26, 2008

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"Market Forces" is the forth episode of the animated TV series The Spectacular Spider-Man and the first appearance of Montana as Shocker.

Synopsis Edit

Monata and The Enforcers steal a red and yellow powered suit belonging to Tri-Corp. and hand it over to Hammerhead, who in turn gives it back to Montana, with the orders that the "Big Man" now has Montana contracted to use the suit to kill Spider-Man. The following morning, Peter sees that Aunt May still has a lot of overdue bills that need to be payed. Aunt May remembers Peter still doesn't have a date for his school Fall Formal and tells him that their neighbor, Anna Watson, has a niece Peter's age, "with a lovely personality" and offers to introduce the two. Peter, assuming the worse, tells Aunt May he promised to go to Harry's apartment to help his friend study for an upcoming exam, and promptly leaves. He swings across Manhattan as Spider-Man, unaware the the Enforcers are watching him. At Harry's apartment, Peter is greeted by Norman Osborn, where the later complimenting Peter's academic studies in front of Harry. The two go to Harry's room and talk about the Fall Formal before Peter receives an email from the J. Jonah Jameson, informing him that the Daily Bugle wants to purchase his photos of Spider-Man. Peter apologizes to Harry promises he will be back as soon as he can.

At the Daily Bugle, Jameson recognizes Peter form his last visit and quickly kicks him out, until Betty explains to him that the boy is in fact the same Peter Parker he requested to see. Peter is paid for his photos and ordered to take more pictures of Spider-Man in the next two hours before shoving him out again. On his way back to Harry's, Peter hears an alarm and follows a speeding vehicle, driven by Flinto Marko and Alex O'Hirn, to a landfill, unaware he is being led into a trap. He is quick to over power the two, but Spider-Man is then hit with a sonic blast, by Montana, wearing the suit he stole last night, and now calling himself "Shocker". Shocker knocks Spider-Man into some machinery and believes him to be dead. Spider-Man survives, but his paycheck got destroyed in the crossfire. The next day, Harry is angry at Peter for ditching him yesterday, Peter promises Harry he'll make up for it, and goes to the Daily Bugle to ask Betty to replace his check. He then meets Randy's father, Robbie Robertson, who advises Peter to invest in a camera with a higher quality if he is to continue taking pictures for the Bugle. Spider-Man interrupts a robbery by Flint and Alex, and tells them to inform Shocker, he wants a rematch.

Peter makes it home in time for his curfew, where he finds Aunt May struggling over which bills she can afford to hold off on. Peter is then conflicted over whether to give her his money, or take Robbie's advise and buy a new camera. The next day, Harry is furious Peter blew his off again. Hammerhead tells Shocker the Big Man is displeased to learn Spider-Man is still alive. Peter runs into Betty Brant and tries, unsuccessfully, to ask her out to his Fall Formal, when a tremor rattles the entire city. Knowing its Shocker calling him out, Spider-Man follow the trail of the tremors to a condemned theater where Shocker is waiting for him. The two fight and Spider-Man tries to get Shocker to tell him who hired him in the first place, before tricking Shocker into collapsing the building on top of himself.

Harry returns home and rants to his father about Peter letting him down on his test, until Norman interrupts and tells his son to stop whining and take responsibility for his actions. He then disappears into his office where Hammerhead is waiting. Norman reveals it was him who helped them to steal the suit from Tri-Corp., since they are Norman's main competitor. Hammerhead puts the Big Man on speaker phone, who wants Norman to create more super villains in return for funding. At home, Peter gives his Bugle money to Aunt May, who accepts, under the condition that he takes 10% of every check for himself, and buy a new camera.

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  • Earth-26496
    • The Daily Bugle
    • Osborn Penthouse
    • Mid town High

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