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Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1 -10
"The Black Vortex: Chapter 9"
Comic Book series: Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1
Issue Number: 10

First published:

March 25, 2015

Executive Editor:

Axel Alonso

Cover Artist:

Paco Medina


Sam Humphries


Paco Medina


Juan Vlasco


Mike Marts

Previous issue:

Nova Vol. 5 #28 (story)
Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1 #9 (title)

Next issue:

Cyclops Vol. 3 #12 (story)
Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1 #11 (title)

Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1 #10 is the 10th issue of Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1 and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black Vortex event.

Solicit SynopsisEdit

Chapter 9 of the BLACK VORTEX!

  • The heroes return from Hala only to find the entire planet of Spartax in grave danger! Kitty unlocks the one thing which may leads towards the destruction of the Black Vortex. But will it be in time? And just when things could get any more dire, enter The Brood!

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