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Journey of the Iron Fist
"Journey of the Iron Fist"


Roy Burdine


Man of Action & Jacob Semahn

Original Air Date

June 16, 2013

Previous Episode

Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man

Next Episode

The Incredible Spider-Hulk

Journey of the Iron Fist is the thirteenth episode of the second season of the television series Ultimate Spider-ManThe episode aired on June 16, 2013.


Iron Fist is attacked by a dark assassin during a sparring session with Spider-Man. He is called back to K'un-L'un to become the mystical city's future king. Spider-Man goes along with him to try and keep his friend from doing this. Spider-Man is chosen by Iron Fist to fight his competitor, Scorpion, when Iron Fist is hit with the dark assassin's poison attack. 

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