Joe Keatinge
Joe Keatinge
Born: June 11, 1982
Died: N/A
Cause of death: N/A


Writer, Editor

Years active:

Unknown - Present





Joe Keatinge is an American comic book writer and editor, best known for his work writing for Marvel Comics, Image Comics and as the co-editor of Popgun.


After he finished school, Joe moved to San Francisco, California to pursue a career in comics, eventually working with Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen, leading to his hiring at Image Comics shortly after Larsen became Image's Publisher.

Joe worked in many different positions during his time at Image Comics including Public Relations, Marketing, Sales and Licensing.

Joe has contributed to anthology titles such as Negative Burn with artist Evan Bryce and Fantastic Comics #24 with artists Michael Allred and Laura Allred, which was part of the The Next Issue Project.

Joe first big success as a writer was for his work on the anthology, PopGun with co-editor Mark Andrew Smith, where he won 2 awards for best anthology.

As part of the Marvel NOW! event, Joe and artist Richard Elson co-created the second volume of Morbius: The Living Vampire. Joe said, "There are very strong horror elements to it, but there's a lot more to it than that... This is a book largely about people who have absolutely no easy role in society. The outcasts. The people on the fringe. The people of the Marvel Universe who are even too weird for the X-Men." Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #699.1, co-written by Joe Keatinge and Dan Slott, acted as the prelude to Joe's Morbius series with the series itself debuting in January 2013.

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