Jack (Peter Parker Clone
Jack (of Earth-616) was Jackal's second of five successes at cloning Peter Parker.


Rather than gaining him new powers, his cellular degeneration caused him to loose his ability to crawl on walls. He was originally locked in a stasis pod (much like Guardian and Spidercide were) to be used at a later date for an, as-of-then, unspecified purpose. Miles Warren outiftted him with a Jackal Costume that contained razor sharp talons, for which he could use offensively, or to climb up walls, compensating for his inability to Wall-Crawl. When he first encountered Peter and Ben, they believed that he was Jackal, until he began fleeing from them via organic weblines. He was captured by Peter and Ben after a long battle over the Brooklyn Bridge, where he stabbed himself with a hidden dagger. Jackal had previously instructed him to do this if he was captured to prevent anyone from gaining important information from him.


Like all other deceased clones, his body quickly degenerated upon the event of his death. He was blindly loyal to Jackal and was viewed by Jackal as completely expendable.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Generally Enhanced Physiology Edit

Jack's overall metabolic efficiency has been greatly increased, and the composition of his skeleton, connective tissues, muscles, and nervous system have all been enhanced. His resistance to other toxins varies, but is typically significantly higher than normal. However, Jack has normal human tolerance to the effects of alcoholic beverages and cannabis. Although he is still affected by disease and infection, his recovery time is typically shorter than that of an ordinary human. Jack's unique physiology even allows him to recover from the effects of vampirism. Jack is still vulnerable to disease, which affects the reliability of his powers.

Accelerated Healing Factor

Jack is capable of healing injuries faster and more extensively than ordinary humans, though it is considerably inferior to the healing abilities of individuals such as Wolverine or The Hulk. However, Jack is capable of healing from injuries as severe as broken bones within a matter of hours.

Enhanced Strength & StaminaEdit

Jack's enhanced strength enables him to lift 10 tons (20,000 pounds). He can easily kill a normal person (a Non-Superhuman with no mechanical apparatus or other enhancements) with one punch. His bodily tissue is a great deal more durable and resistant to all types of injury than a normal human. However, he is far from invulnerable. While his body is tougher than an ordinary human, he can still be injured in ways comparable to an ordinary human. For example, Jack can be injured by bullets or knives composed of conventional material and from impacts of sufficient force. However, if injured, his accelerated metabolism is capable of repairing itself many times faster than an ordinary human. Jack can leap several stories vertically or the width of a city street. While his running speed has never been definitely established, he can run at superhuman speed for short sprints and has been shown to be easily capable of overtaking fast-moving cars, but always prefers using his weblines to travel.

Superhuman Reflexes & AgilityEdit

Jack's agility and reflexes are far superior to those of an ordinary human, even those that represent the peak of human conditioning such as Captain America. The speed of his reflexes allows him to dodge almost any attack, even 50 caliber gunfire at point blank range. Jack has the ability to maintain his equilibrium on any surface that he can stick to. For example, he can balance on one finger on a high wire, or stand upright on a wall, his body parallel to the ground. Additionally, he is able to flex his body like a contortionist, assuming postures that would be impossible or harmful for most normal humans. His tendons and connective tissues are at least twice as elastic as the average human being's.

Organic WebbingEdit

Jack also inherited the portion of Peter's DNA that allows his body to generate its own, organic webbing.

DNA Transcription ErrorsEdit

Due to cellular degeneration, Jack's DNA is only 64.3% identical to that of his genetic template. Because of this, he possesses no Spider-Sense and is unable to stick to any surface. Like all of Peter's other clones, he does not set off Peter's or any of Peter's other clones' Spider-Sense's.

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