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Troy Adomitis


Kevin Hopps

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March 8, 2008

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Survival of the Fittest

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Interactions is the second episode of the first season of the animated television series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and the debut of villain, Electro.


Late at ESU Lab, Dr Curt Connors is demonstrating a potentially new, clean energy source to Eddie Brock, and his interns, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. After sending Peter and Gwen home for the night, an electrician named Max Dillon, attempts to upgrade the lab's electrical filters, but ends up being electrocuted, where he is admitting strong electrical fields and placed in quarantine.

The next day, Peter is assigned by their science teacher to tutor Liz Allan, in order to get her grade back up, much to both their dismay. Peter tries to teach Liz at a cafe, but she would rather text her boyfriend, Flash Thompson. Max, now wearing a special suit to contain his emitted bioelectricity, leaves the hopstial in a fit of rage and enters the cafe. There, quickly doscivers he can not even do something as simple as drink a cup of coffee, acccidently short circuits the power, gaining Spider-Man's attention. The two brawl and Spider-Man unmasks Max, who then flees the scene.

The following day, Max attacks the police officers who meet him at his home, and runs back to the ESU Lab, demanding Dr. Connors change him back, also threatening Martha Connors, Eddie, Gwen, Peter, and Liz. Eddie distracts Max long enough for Peter to get the girls to safety, who then leaves to change into his Spider-Man costume. The two battle in the rain, Max no longer associating himself with his real name, now calling himself "Electro". Spider-Man, spotting a radio tower besides a pool, knocks Electro into the water, causing him to short cirsuit and fall unconscious.

At school the next day Peter and Liz talk, the latter of which complimenting Peter on his tutoring, but quickly goes back to being dismissive of him when her boyfriend and the rest of the Football team walks in on them. Though, dissapointed, Peter acknowledges he at least tried to reach out to her, unaware that Liz gives Peter a sad look as she leaves. Back at ESU Lab, Dr Connors picks up a fallen vial of Lizard DNA, now electrified by Electro, and leaves with his wife.

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  • Earth-26496
    • Midtown High School
    • Dr Conners' Lab

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