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Gwen Stacy (Clone) (Earth-1610)
Gwen Stacy
Full Name: Gwendolyne Stacy
First Appearance: Ultimate Spider-Man (Volume 1) 98
Created by: Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley
Home Universe: Earth-1610
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Doctor Connor's Lab, New York City
Citizenship: American
Base: Queens, New York; fomerly Paris, France
Height: 5' 7" ,(as Gwen)

Variable, (as Carnage)

Weight: 101 lbs (46 kg),(as Gwen)

Variable, (as Carnage)

Hair Color: Blonde, (as Gwen)

None, (as Carnage

Eye Color: Blue, (as Gwen)

White, (as Carnage)

Unique Features: {{{18}}}

"I thought maybe this was all, like, a sign I should try to fix things with my mom. Except my mom -- there's nothing there to fix. Long and the short of it is she started a new family. She found a guy with a couple of kids"
— Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy (Clone) (of Earth-1610), also known as Carnage and the "Stacy Experiment", is a clone of the original Gwen Stacy created by Otto Octavius and Ben Reilly using a combination of the original's and Carnage's DNA.


Creation and Clone SagaEdit


Gwen after escaping from the Triskelion

Help Me

After that, "Gwen" was given some form of therapy by Tony Stark and a team of doctors within the compound. It was through these sessions that she was able to regain her memory of her death at the hands of Carnage. During one therapy session, Norman Osborn, (as the Green Goblin), caused a massive prison break where Gwen escaped in the confusion. After 3 weeks of swimming, she finally made it to Manhattan and returned to the Peter's house in a confused and terrified state, with Carnage's face on her body.

Battle with Venom and Losing the Carnage SymbioteEdit



Adjusting to Life with Johnny and BobbyEdit

Cutting Peter's HairEdit

Fugitive KittyEdit

Chameleon's DefamationEdit

Leaving the Parker HomeEdit

A while later, Gwen confessed to MJ that she was disgusted and angry that she kissed the person who was posing as Peter and that she wants to be away from Peter after that but can't because she has to live with him. She then said that she forced Peter to date her and then left. Later that day, while no one was home, Gwen packed her things and left a note for Peter, Aunt May, Bobby, and Johnny letting them know why she wasn't there, and left the Parker house.

Return and Breakup with PeterEdit

Peter's Birthday and Kitty's ReturnEdit

Happy Birthday Peter Parker (Earth-1610)

Happy Birthday Peter Parker

Gwen along with Aunt May, Bobby, and Johnny invited people over to Peter's 16th birthday party like Sue Storm and Ben Grimm. After finishing decorating, they wait for Peter to come home. They yell surprise and greet him, but they are also suprized and glad that Kitty has returned.

Death of Spider-ManEdit

The Ultimate Six Escape and Leaving TownEdit

Returning and Saving PeterEdit

Peter's DeathEdit

Peter's Funeral and MovingEdit

The New Spider-ManEdit

Venom WarEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit



When Gwen the powers of the Carnage Symbiote, she had many of the abilities that Spider-Man possessed, including superhuman strength and the ability to climb on walls. Gwen could also swing from web lines created from her own matter.


  • Although this Gwen had blue eyes, her Genetic Template had hazel eyes.

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