Greg Weisman
Greg Weisman
Born: September 28, 1963 (age 50)
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Greg Weisman is an American comic book and animation writer; and producer. Greg is best known as the creator of Gargoyles, the supervising producer of Spectacular Spider-Man, and the creator of Young Justice.


Originally, Greg worked as a English composition and writing teacher after having earned degrees in writing and teaching from Stafford University and the University of South Carolina. Greg first entered the world of comic book superheroes occurred when he was 22 when he wrote a four issue mini-series for DC Comics starring the super heroine Black Canary. Unfortunately, the project was shelved before it finished completion because Mike Grell planned to use Black Canary in his profile Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters series. Luckily, Greg was able to use elements from his scraped mini-series for his DC Showcase: Green Arrow short film.

Greg first real success in writing came from his first original creation, the animated series Gargoyles, which debuted in 1994 as part of Disney's The Disney Afternoon children's programming block. The series primarily drew upon many elements from Shakespearian literature and medieval Scottish history, but also drew upon the mythological and cultural beliefs of many different ancient civilizations. While only moderately successful during it's original broadcast, Gargoyles has maintained a strong cult following over the years and has been critically acclaimed by professional reviewers such as IGN and WatchMojo.

In 2008, Greg developed a Spider-Man animated series, which he dubbed The Spectacular Spider-Man for Marvel based on the original stories Stan Lee and Steve Ditko wrote for their creation, but also incorporated elements from the various Spider-Man comics and media that have been released since the character's creation. During the Spectacular Spider-Man's tenure, Greg served as the show's show runner while also writing and producing it. Greg also lent his voice to the character of Donald Menken during the show's last season. Even though Greg's Spider-Man series was canceled after only 2 seasons, it has received overwhelming praise and acclaim. IGN ranked it as #22 on their list of the 25 greatest cartoons for adults and TV Guide listed it as one of the 60 greatest animated series of all time.

In 2010, Greg created the animated series Young Justice for DC's DC Nation programming which he loosely based on DC Comic's Young Justice comic series. The series followed the lives of teenaged heroes and sidekicks who are members of a fictional covert operation group called The Team. Greg both served as the show's head writer and voiced the character Snapper Carr during the show's run. Greg's young justice series proved to be so popular that it spawned a tie-in comic book series and has garnered critical acclaim for its originality as well as its mature and complex storyline. IGN ranked Young Justice as #20 on it's Top 25 Comic Book Shows of All Time.

Currently, Greg is serving as the executive producer of Lucasfilm's upcoming Star Wars Rebels CGI animated series which is set to debut in Fall 2014.


  • Greg is a great lover of the works of William Shakespeare and tries to incorporate as many references and homages to Shakespeare's work as possible. This is shown in the penultimate episode of the Spectacular Spider-Man, "Opening Night", where many of the characters are acting out a stage rendition of a Midsummer Night's Dream, which interchanged with scenes of Spider-Man escaping the Vault and subsequent fight with the Green Goblin
  • While unconfirmed, Greg appears to have an affinity for the Star Trek franchise as he has cast numerous former Star Trek actors to voice characters in the various animated series he has worked on.

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