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Galactus the Lifebringer

Full Name: Galan
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #48 (as Galactus)
Thor Vol. 1 #169 (as Galan)
Created by: Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Planet Taa (as Galan)
The Cosmic Egg (as Galactus)
Citizenship: Taa-an
Base: Worldship (aka Taa II); though he is generally mobile throughout the universe via his spherical starship in search of suitable planets to consume
Affiliations: Eternity of the Omniverse, merged with Gah Lak Tus, Heralds of Galactus; formerly God Squad
Height: 28' 9" (variable)
Weight: 36000 lbs (16329 kg; variable)
Hair Color: No Hair
Eye Color: Unknown; formerly Brown
Unique Features: Yellow, square-shaped pupils

"No living thing dares ignore my call. For I am that which has always been, since this Universe was birthed from the ashes of the last. I am the hunger that dooms worlds. I am he who is beyond such frail Concepts as good and evil. I am Galactus."
— Galactus

Galactus (of Earth-616) is a god like character in the Marvel universe that feeds off planets to live after being reborn from the last universe.

First appeared in Fantastic Four (Volume 1) #48.


First appearing in a flashback in Thor (Volume 1) #169, Galactus was a bald space explorer named Galan who was a Taan born from the planet Taa, one of the most peaceful and advanced socities in the entire universe.

Earth-0, like all universes was implanted with a "Cosmic Egg". However, this egg was ready to explode and hurl matter and stars outward, creating a new Cosmic Egg by destroying that universe before it, creating a new universe.

It seemed the entire universe was being destroyed and reborn at the sometime. The universe was slowly being destroyed, and the planet Taa was next.

After seeing and fearing the planet being destroyed around him due to the harsh radition destroying all forms of life in the current universe, Galan decided to pilot one of the last spacecrafts into the heart of the eye/center of the Big Bang where he thought he would be safe. Everyone on board he planned to save was killed except for him. Galan was filled with new energy, and was nor alive or dead.

Earth-616 RebirthEdit


Galan, asleep

Within this "Cosmic Egg" Galan drove himself into, he was put into a deep sleep, but was saved by the Phoenix Force who was saving all living beings in the universe from eternal damnation. Soon after, a dying "Sentience of the Universe" showed itself to a also dying Galan and told him they would be born into the next universe if they merged and waited until the current universe, which was Earth-0 at the time underwent the Big Bang. When the universe was reborn as Earth-616, the Sentience of the Universe was done merging with Galan, creating what it named itself as "Galactus", the devourer of worlds.

After being spotted by a watcher, Ecce who studied Galactus for a long time, he saw the threat that Galactus would become over time, and decided that he should be destroyed as soon. However, as a Watcher, Ecce could not destroy Galactus due to his duties as a Watcher, where his only duties are to watch and record the history of the universe, and do nothing else. He left Galactus to devour worlds.

The First HeraldEdit

Evenually, Galactus came to a planet called "Zenn-La" a crime free, peaceful planet. When he was going to devour the planet, a male, named Norrin Radd offered his services to Galactus in return to not devour his planet. Galactus kept true to his word, and gave Norrin a piece of the "Power Cosmic" and turning his skin into a indestructible silver material and creating his infamous surfboard to fly on, making him the Silver Surfer. His job was to find planets for him to Galactus to eat.

Coming to EarthEdit


Fantastic Four (Volume 1) issue #49 (April, 1966)

In Fantastic Four (Volume 1) issues 48 - 50, after millions of years past, Galactus comes to Earth in his alien ship, he calls "Taa II" with his herald, Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer to warn everyone of his arrival.

Soon, after much reasoning with Alicia Masters to save the Earth and appeal to the inner person within the Silver Surfer, he turns against his former master long enough for Johnny Storm and Uatu the Watcher pin point where an item called the "Ultimate Nullifier" is on Taa II, and take it to threaten Galactus.

After Reed threatens to use the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy Galactus and maybe the entire universe, they make him promise to spare the Earth. True to his word, Galactus leaves Earth, not before his powers to create a untraceable energy barrier so that the Silver Surfer can not leave Earth.

After Galactus leaves, the city dismisses Galactus coming to Earth as a hoax, as Johnny Storm starts college at Metro College, while Norrin Radd tried to adjust to his life on earth by sight seeing around the world and seeing how people on earth live, evenually joining the Secret Defenders among other superhero groups.

Secret WarsEdit

Since his rebirth, Galactus has been active in the Marvel universe as threat, coming back to devour plant Earth many times. In the Secret Wars event, he tried to devour Battleworld a makeshift planet made by the Beyonder, the planet Spider-Man, some Avengers, the Fantastic Four and other heroes were transported to in a battle of heroes versus villians.

Age of Ultron aftermathEdit

After Ultron launched a massive attack on Earth, Wolverine and Sue Storm were one of the remaining survivors, and used Doctor Doom's Time Machine to travel back in time  over and over until they could prevent Ultron's destroying of mankind for good. After talking to a younger Hank Pym, Ultron was destroyed once and for all with a virus that the younger, more aware version of Hank Pym pre-installed and activated. However, the time-traveling caused a "multiversal chaos", where an untold number of people from other realities were transported to other realities through the many tears in the mutiverse. In this Galactus's case (of Earth-616) he was transported to the Ultimate universe, Earth-1610. Galactus' arrived to Earth-1610 when his counterpart, "Gah Lak Tus" was in the middle of a Chitauri v. Kree war. Galactus was approached by Gah Lak Tus, who merged with one each other, creating a even more powerful version of Galactus, that sent parts of himself to seek and consume other planets. When Galactus attacked "Hala", the planet was currently being defended by the Silver Surfer, Nova and Captain Mahr Vehl. During the 3-on-1 battle, Mahr Vehl was killed from the extereme injuries caused by the Gah Lak Tus swarm. Nova then took on Mahr Vehl's costume and became the new Captain Marvel, using his brand new energy powers to unleash a powerful attack on Galactus. Thought dead by the heroes, Galactus was only extremely weakened by the attack, and after recovering, started heading Earth to consume it. On his way, he was met by Vision as she tried to return Galactus to his own universe. She failed in doing so and was killed. Upon arrival to Earth, Galactus started to begin his path of destruction and prepared to consume the planet. The Ultimates arrived to  try to stop Galactus, but even their most devastating attacks proved to do very little to him.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Silver Surfer Vol 1 1 034

Using the Power Cosmic to give the Norrin Radd more power


  • TBA


One ability Galactus has is his intelligence, since he is one of the oldest beings in the universe. While on his mother ship, Taa II, Reed admitted that he could even begin to understand all the technology on his ship. The computers on his ship can give people powers due to their higher knowledge.

Strength LevelEdit

His strength level is unmeasured, but at a higher, god-like level. He can also use the "Power Cosmic", a vast source of unlimited godly power to increase his strength. His also uses the Power Cosmic to create and give power to his Heralds, often to help him seek out planets, like the Silver Surfer.


  • Cosmic Hunger: Galactus requires a unknown amount of energy only obtainable from planets that can support life. However, the longer he goes with devouring a planet, the weaker Galactus becomes overtime. If he goes long enough without devouring a planet he eventually becomes weak so teams like the Avengers can actually hurt him. The normal timespan for Galactus to go without devouring a planet is about a month in Earth time. However, when the current universe was young he could go without feeding for one hundred year or more. It is unknown why the intervals inbetween he feedings have shortened.


  • According to Galacta, Galactus' only daughter, her father, and most people of their race Galacti, do not have a 'true form'. According to her, her father is "no longer a being in the absolute, physical sense," and that "each mind that views him struggles as best as it can to perceive that unguessable force as an image it can comprehend." And also says that she and her father seem to wear purple because "that's merely what your crude little cortexes perceive," and that due to "the color's royalty symbolism" from "ancient mythopoetic cultural sludge encrusting your merely mortal minds."