Marvel Nemesis Venom

"I... am going to chew you up, and spit you out! "
— Venom

Edward Brock (of Earth-50701) also known as Venom is an alternate version of Edward Brock.


Finding The Source Edit

Venom wanders into the Avenger's underground labratory, as he discovers the source as to why all the heroes are turning evil and attacking people.

As he tries to make his way out, Venom is attacked by the aliens in the Avenger's mansion. He manages to defeat them, and escapes. However, he is attracted to the energy source of the alien devices.

The Bridge Edit

Attracted by the energy source, Venom arrives at the Brooklyn Bridge. He attacks any aliens that get in his way, using any kind of tactics. However, the source is not at the Bridge. Venom tracks the aliens down to their base in the Power Plant.

Power Plant Edit

Venom then tracks down the aliens to their hidden base in the Power Plant. As he is in the base, Venom is approached by Solara. She threatens Venom and a battle ensues, but Venom manages to overpower Solara. He then takes her Turlin Neural Override device and uses it for himself. Stronger than before, Venom pursues Spider-Man so he can kill him.

Daily BugleEdit

Venom manages to track Spider-Man down to the Daily Bugle, where he intends to destroy him. A battle ensues, with Venom now stronger due to his Override device. Despite this, Venom still proves to be no match for Spider-Man and is defeated.
150px-Imperfect Venom (cut)

Hazmat Vs VenomEdit

When Venom regains consciousness, he continues on to the alien headquarters to steal their power source. However, he encounters Hazmat, a villain who spits deadly chemicals. He defeats Venom and joins up with Roekel's minions.

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