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Edward Brock (Earth-BW08)
Full Name: Edward "Eddie" Brock
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1
Created by: Dan Slott, Adam Kubert
Home Universe: Earth-18119
Alignment: Bad
Status: Deceased
Place of Birth: Unknown
Citizenship: American
Base: Regency, Battleworld
Affiliations: None
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: No Hair
Eye Color: White
Unique Features: Symbiote grants its host an elongated jaw, fangs, claws, and a prehensile tongue

"Nice job, web-brain. Forcing us in here, where the flames and the heat lick at us. You always knew how to hurt us. Well, guess what, Peter! We now know how best to hurt you! Yes, you've showed us your belly. That fragile little baby in your arms. Yeess. She's your leverage. And oh what we'll do to her! You can keep trying to beat us, but you'll never stop us. We'll never stop trying to get her! WE'LL SUCK OUT HER BRAINS, AHAHAHAHAHAA!!!"
— Venom

Edward "Eddie" Brock (AKA Venom) was an alternative version of Venom from Earth-18119. He was killed in a final confrontation with Spider-Man.


It can be assumed that Venom's life was similar to his traditional backstory, up until being imprisioned in Ryker's Island.

One night, several superheroes had began mysteriously disappearing and a massive breakout of supervillains occurred at Ryker's, with Venom amongst the escapees. He immediately attacked the Parker household, holding Mary Jane Watson and her daughter Annie captive in order to draw out Spider-Man. Upon arriving, Venom taunted Spidey, but rather than a typical battle, Peter immediately lunged at him, relentless beating him to keep him from harming his wife and daughter. While Venom and Spider-Man brawled, Mary Jane whisked Annie away, attempting to call down the Avengers, who were headed on a mission to stop the supervillain Regent. Desperate, MJ hitched a ride on the back of a firetruck speeding towards an parking garage fire. Venom, however, took notice, and gave chase. Catching up to her, he threw the firemen aside, tauntingly saying she could "do nothing but scream". MJ promptly turned on the firetruck's sirens, the sound waves weakening him, allowing Spider-Man to tackle him into the lobby of the burning parking garage. Venom mocks Spider-Man's attempts to protect his family, trying to provoke his nemesis into violence by gruesomely threatening to devour Annie. Enraged, Spider-Man ruthlessly pummels the villain, before taking out a support pillar, causing the building to collapse onto the surprised Venom, crushing him underweight, finally killing him. The guilt of having been forced to kill Brock caused Peter to retire as Spider-Man.

However, despite this, only Brock was killed, while the Venom Symbiote in fact survived and crawled away, eventually coming into the possession of Liz Allan.

Peter later experienced a nightmare of Eddie pleading for help, saying he would have never harmed Annie, knowing she was only an infant and therefore innocent, only for the symbiote to come off his skeleton and taunt Spider-Man, lecturing that despite his heroism, his act of killing Venom made him no better than them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mostly the same as the mainstream version of Venom.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Renew Your Vows universe, Eddie Brock was the only Venom, succeeded by Mary Jane Watson.
  • It is implied this version of Brock ultimately lost control over the symbiote, judging by Peter's nightmare in Issue #2 demonstrating that Eddie pleading with Peter that he would've never harmed Annie on his own as she was innocent, only the symbiote. Therefore, his final attack on Spider-Man was completely the symbiote's doing.
  • It can also be assumed that due to the his much more vengeful and ruthless personality, this Venom never became an anti-hero.
  • Despite being Eddie Brock, Venom's design here more evokes the design of the Mac Gargan version (larger, bestial form, visible eyes on his eye markings, clawed feet).