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Spider-Man film series
Aliases: Raimiverse
Debut appearance: Spider-Man (film)

Created by:

Sam Raimi
David Koepp


Spider-Man film series
Inhabitants: Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Mary Jane Watson
Harry Osborn

Earth-96283 is the reality of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.


Spider-Man Edit

  • Peter Parker, a nerdy high school student at Midtown High School, has a crush on his next door neighbor Mary Jane Watson. Parker's only true friend is Harry Osborn. On a field trip to Central Manhattan, Peter is bit by a radioactive spider. When he wakes up the next morning he is really muscular and no longer near-sighted. Later that day he gets into a fight with a bully and wins. Later that day he also finds that he can climb walls, jump far distances, and shoot webbing just like a spider. He wants a way to make some money to buy a car to impress Mary Jane so he enters a wrestling match for $3,000 that he also wins. Peter only receives $100 for the match so when the promoter is robbed, he refuses to stop the robbery. He later finds that the robber he let escape killed his Uncle Ben. Parker then hunts down the killer into an abandoned hospital where the robber falls out of a window and dies. Peter remembers what his uncle told him before he died "With great power, comes great responsibility, and decides to live by that for the rest of his life. Parker then crafts the iconic spider suit, and begins his life as a vigilante. At the same time Peter's friend Harry's dad Norman Osborn had his company threatened that if his super serum wasn't human tested within 2 weeks, the funding would go to their competitor. Norman then tests the serum on himself which gives him an alternate personality and super strength. Norman kills his assistant and steals the Glider and Green suit that his company has been working on. Norman blows up the Quest Aerospace test lab with the Glider. Then, after the board members force him to resign from OsCorp, he kills them at an OsCorp parade. Spider-Man attempts to stop the havoc at the parade. He fails to save the board members but he does save Mary Jane from it all. Peter finds out a few days before the parade that MJ and Harry are dating. Spider-Man and the Green Goblin's fights keep continuing all through the city. Norman eventually finds outs out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Norman then attacks his Aunt May which puts her in the hospital. during this time, Harry and MJ break up. Norman then kidnaps MJ and Peter comes to her rescue atop a bridge. Peter saves MJ and a group of kids, bringing them all safely down to a boat. Peter and Norman both fight it out in an abandoned hospital near the bridge. During the fight, Norman takes off his mask, revealing his true identity to Peter. Norman asks Peter to help him out with his uncontrollable second personality and become like a son to him. Peter declines this offer and dodges the oncoming glider which hits Norman and kills him. Peter brings Norman's body back to Norman's house. Harry sees Spider-Man laying down the body and blames him for his father's death. At Norman's funeral, MJ asks Peter out. Peter declines as he doesn't want her life in danger with his side-life as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 2 Edit

  • TBA

Spider-Man 3 Edit

  • TBA



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