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Debut appearance: Ruins #1

Created by:

Warren Ellis, Cliff Nielsen, Terese Nielsen


Inhabitants: Peter Parker

Earth-9591 is an alternate reality in which the myriad experiments and accidents which led to the creation of superheroes in the mainstream Marvel Universe instead resulted in horrible deformities and painful deaths

The narrative of the reality follows Phil Sheldon as he tours the country investigating the after-effects of these events.


In this reality, Ben Grimm didn't accompany Reed Richards on his test flight, and the entire crew, including Victor von Doom, perished.

All mutants had horrible side-effects to their powers. Peter Parker's spider-bite caused him to develop a highly-deadly, highly-infectious rash that mutated his entire body into a grotesque form.

The Avengers led a rebellion for California's secession, only to die in the process. Mar-Vell's cancer was the result of nuclear warheads launched at his Kree fleet. The survivors of which were imprisoned in a camp. Jean Grey was a prostitute who was shot dead by Nick Fury, before killing himself. The accident that blinded Matthew Murdock killed him instead. Galactus never made it to earth, he instead mysteriously died near Mars.

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